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I'm a 26 year old girl from Holland. I like anime a lot obviously otherwise I wouldnt be here. I work with disabled childeren in daily life and am also active in the organisation of Abunai!, a Dutch anime convention as programme manager. I am in charge of the events programme, video programme and games room there. Luckily I have a good team to help me with that!

Further I love to play video games, especially RPG's and music related games. I own several consoles and handhelds to meet that addiction ;) I also have a bookcase full of manga. And if I am not watching anime or playing games you might catch me doing Live Action RolePlay (LARP) or DnD. Reading fantasy books is another hobby of mine as well as dancing and cooking.

I live together with my fiance who is also a member of this site and we own 1 doggy and 4 cats.

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Olia says...

hi, could i request one of the signatures you made? sorry, i'm new, not sure how this works. >__<;;;

Oct 1, 2008
FalseDawn says...

Thanks. I try to make all my reviews as informative as possible, and when I really enjoy a series, I try to show what's great about it in the hope that others will pick it up to experience it for themselves.

Apr 5, 2008
LordStone says...

I am really enjoying the series (Hitohira) so far... it probably won't be too long before I finish it ^_^

Jan 10, 2008
KnoxSe7eN says...

Thanks for the complement on the pictures of my dog.

Jan 10, 2008
Aydan says...

Sure you can use it, sorry for the late comment btw.

Jan 4, 2008