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Hello my name is Alex, I love watching Anime but its just recently I cant get enough!

I've been watching since I was around 13, when my sister first showed me Naruto and it was my first love ;) I now have a small handful of favourites but I would like to watch more! :D 

Heres a little about me:

I love Unicorns, Horses, Dragons, Anime, Art, My Beardys, Dream Catchers, Horoscopes, Tarot Cards, Baking, World of Warcraft, Socializing, Playing games - All time favourites being Zelda, Spyro and Mario... they are the three wonders of the gaming world in my opinion. 


I love talking to new people, especially about things Im interested in.. so go ahead.. LOVE MEEEE <3 




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LastBorn Nov 8, 2012

So you like the more darker themed zelda's. I really liked Windwaker cause i really liked the graphics. I still need to beat OOT (played it as a kid but wasn't able to speak english so i wasn't able to beat it). Got the N64 still working so i might beat it soon.

So i'm a Dutch 16 year old and my real name is Maurits. I'm more a console guy, but have played a lot of LOL. I used to play a lot of COD but quit because Mw3 sucks :3.

I like to sport and i'm really interested in technology (future stuff, Sci fi). I love music, but you already knew that :P. I really like romance anime like To Love Ru. It doesn't have a very good storyline (which i like), but i think it's funny and very sweet. I wouldn't recommend it for a girl tho, since it's a harem and got some ecchi stuff in it (which is to make it funnier i think, but not really necessary).

I just finished Clannad and i would recommend that one, but you already watched it so i guess it doesn't count :P. I think i'm going to checkout soul eater, but i really prefer a school life romance.

LastBorn Nov 7, 2012

Haha thanks for your awesome reply ^^.

Its great to finally talk to someone after almost a month of no reaction. I don't really know what to talk about :3. I guess you can tell me a bit about yourself (if you want). Like, what are your interests, wich games do you play or what do you recommend (anime). I love your energie :D.

LastBorn Nov 3, 2012

I noticed you when you joined the site but I didn’t really know what to say since I was pretty new to the site too. You seemed friendly and since you haven’t got any comments yet, I still wanted to comment. So here it is: Welcome to Anime-planet :3.