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Hello my name is Alex, I love watching Anime but its just recently I cant get enough!

I've been watching since I was around 13, when my sister first showed me Naruto and it was my first love ;) I now have a small handful of favourites but I would like to watch more! :D 

Heres a little about me:

I love Unicorns, Horses, Dragons, Anime, Art, My Beardys, Dream Catchers, Horoscopes, Tarot Cards, Baking, World of Warcraft, Socializing, Playing games - All time favourites being Zelda, Spyro and Mario... they are the three wonders of the gaming world in my opinion. 


I love talking to new people, especially about things Im interested in.. so go ahead.. LOVE MEEEE <3 




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LastBorn Nov 11, 2012

Haha, i indeed have my head sometimes explode. :D 

I really want to visit Japan too. Learn about the culture and stuff. I think the cherry blossom gardens are beautiful. unfortunately, it's on the other side of the planet D: .

I don't really remember much about my childhood hobbies. I guess i played with friends. I still remember the day we got a N64. I think my brother got me into gaming. I also liked to draw and i played some hockey, i think. I also watched a lot of pokemon (and other cartoons/anime) and had some piano lessons, but forgot everything :3. btw, i think the older pokemon is much better then the 'new' one. I think that's about it for my childhood hobbies. might have forgotten something. I would love to hear about your childhood hobbies.


LastBorn Nov 11, 2012

Thanks for your explanation! The dutch school system is similar, only secondary school (middle school) is a bit different. You have 3 different main levels:

vmbo - It's the lowest main level, and you stay in mid school for 4 years.

havo - It's the middle main level. Here you stay in school for 5 years.

vwo - It's the highest main level, and you stay in mid school for 6 years.

After that, it really depends on the level you did in mid school. I'm on vwo so i'm able to go to an university, after my exam. I don't really know what i want to do, but i'm interested into computers/robots/AI etc. But i really don't want to think about going to university, cuz i'm having alot of fun at my mid school :D. It's a place where i meet alot of friends, since i live in a different city. And it's nice to still be able to be lazy. I'm not really studying anything. I just have al sorts of different subject like math, chemistry, physics etc. In the future, i would like to visit USA or Japan and maybe stay there. I really don't want a boring job like at an office. I think your work will get repetitive, and i really don't want that. I think it makes your life boring :P.

Do you want to stay in the uk? Or do you have future plan's like moving to another country?

Talk soon,

LB / Maurits

LastBorn Nov 10, 2012

Nice list, I got a favorites list as well :D.

GB Color - Super Mario Land

N64 - Zelda OOT, Lego Racers, Pokemon snap

Game Cube - Mario Sunshine, Mario kart double dash, Wind waker, SSB Melee

GBA - Pokemon

PS2 - Star wars Battlefront 2, GTA San Andreas, NFS Most wanted

PS3 - LBP2, Cod Mw2, Grid

WII - SSB Brawl, Super Mario strikers charged football

DS - Zelda PH And TS, Yu-gi-oh World Championship 2007

I have played a lot of games so i don't know if i forgot one. I'm definitely going to keep on playing games. Even when i'm old :P. What do you want to become? Like, what job would you like to do. I don't really know what the english school system is like, so it's kinda difficult to ask questions about it. :P.

-Talk to you soon! :D

LastBorn Nov 9, 2012

O, and sorry if the posts take a wile. I try to make sure my post are readable and in decent english :P. Since i just posted a comment 5 mins after your last visit :3.

LastBorn Nov 9, 2012

Cool, i will definitely give it a try :D.

When i was a bit younger, I used to ride horses too :P. but i had to quit because the riding school closed. i eventually played a lot of hockey. It's nice to have something to try your very best at :D. I think you are definitely not the only one falling in love with characters, since i do sometimes too. I didn't really like the Clannad afterstory, because it was more focused on getting older and stuff. And there were a lot of sad parts. I got really depressed cause i thought Nagisa died, but luckily she did not. Do you play any other games beside Wow? I almost forgot about this anime, but Kokoro Connect was really good. I don't know if you would like it, but i would recommend it, i think :P. I don't really know what to say at the end of the post. I guess Bye will do :P.

-Bye :D