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If you find yourself here reading this, feel free to leave a comment or add me. I'm always looking for more friends who also like anime.


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Bestanimeserie Dec 27, 2013

Unfortunatly most of my holidays are spent on family & friends not that it's a bad thing but I usually don't have that much time for anything, and great when you start/finish it tell me what you think about it! And yeah if i find anything else i'll be sure to tell you. And no problem always glad to give some recs.

Bestanimeserie Dec 26, 2013

I've been doing great as well but i'm quite busy these days, as for recommendations, well you've watched more anime than me but did you ever try shakugan no shana? it's pretty good I don't know what else to rec.. if I find some good shows i'll tell you :)

Bestanimeserie Dec 13, 2013

Hi! it's been a long time since we last spoke how have you been doing?

Thrawn Oct 26, 2012

Glad my review was able to convince you :) And always enjoyed using food references in my reviews and recs.