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Hello to anyone viewing this right now, and welcome to my profile. Have a seat, kick your feet up, and relax.

I have always had a love for animation and been a fan of anime since childhood, but only recently started really getting into it and have had a desire to discover and experience more. Which eventually led to me finding this awesome site.

Review System

10 - Masterpiece. This is something I don't intend on giving out often. For rare examples of perfection or near, and I mean very near perfect quality anime.

9 - Classic. This score is for those special anime that, while they may contain some flaws, do a lot right and present a high quality experience that I would feel any fan should check out and give a chance.

8 - Great. Maybe not something for everyone, but nearly guaranteed to appeal to fans of the genre, and may possibly entertain those who aren't.

7 - Good. For anime that may show some nice potential and get some things right, but ultimately makes mistakes that can't be ignored.

6 - Mediocre. Nothing special here.

5 and below - Failure. On a ten scale, I always felt like 5 and under is failure, with every number below 5 only being like going another circle into hell. Getting a 5 is bad enough, going lower is just for kicks.

Star Ratings

Five stars - Masterpiece.

Four stars - Great.

Three stars - Good.

Two stars - Mediocre.

One star - Pokemon.

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June 25, 2012

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April 19, 2014

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DjGopher avatar DjGopher


Dec 9, 2012

No problem, and thanks for the welcome :)

Ravenx avatar Ravenx


Jul 28, 2012

Yo, I haven't quite finished Eva yet (stalled it for a while). But once I finish the series, I'll move on to the new movies. 

I really love Evangelion. A series doesn't need to be perfect, it needs to bring something original to the table and be fun, as well as capture the theme it is set to capture. I love the characters in Evangelion and they are hands down what makes the series. Misato/Shinji are really my favorites, but you can find something likeable in almost everyone (though some will piss you off). And that's what makes Eva so fascinating. It makes its characters more realistic and dramatic like life itself, rather than typical mecha shows where teenagers are super killers.

Instead it puts normal people into terrible situations and circumstances and tests their mental fortitude. The Evas are just a mirror of the chaos. I love watching the characters interact, in fact, I may rewatch it sometime. 

The characters have depth, personality, and strengths/weaknesses that anybody could identify with in most cases. The plot itself may have some weakpoints, but if you enjoy the characterization, it's a blast.

Singan avatar Singan


Jul 4, 2012

Well, I'm very glad if it helped you =) concerning recommendations: I've noticed that you've got Berserk and Ergo Proxy on your "want to watch" list, so I would recommend you to read my reviews on them since those shows are rather specific, and knowing a couple of things before viewing might help you enjoy them more.

Btw, who's that girl on your avatar? She looks like Motoko Kusanagi at Venice Carnival =)

Berra2k avatar Berra2k

Thanks! ^_^

Jun 26, 2012

Thanks man. Looks like we have similar tastes. Let me know if your interested in watching a certain type of anime and maybe I can recommend you something good. 

SinaAzad avatar SinaAzad


Jun 26, 2012

hi , welcome to anime planet ... i hope u have fun here senpai !

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