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First off yes I am Asian, Korean to be exact. Since I am only half-Korean I do not share the long time hatred for anything Japanese, and in reality it is quite the opposite. Just a longtime anime watcher and new to this site. It is pretty neat. Otherwise nothing of real importance. Just your average college student.

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SYN avatar SYN


May 2, 2008

In response to the question about Gundam 00

If you have never viewed a gundam anime, gundam 00  is a great series to jump into for first timers and if you have seen a gundam series before well " same ole same" but its one of the best iv seen so far if you can get a HD fansub , 720p more power to ya...!

Jonathan3 avatar Jonathan3


Jan 22, 2008

they are green boots that Farmers ware lol

WillowUlfgood avatar WillowUlfgood


Jan 18, 2008

Yeah the RRoD is probably thesecond most famous thing to come out of Microsoft. Right behind the Blue Screen of Death. I'm currently on number 3 of 360's. Good Luck!

vannmelon avatar vannmelon


Jan 12, 2008

I dont know... i just find them...

KnoxSe7eN avatar KnoxSe7eN


Jan 9, 2008

Welcome to you as well

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