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Athrine Oct 15, 2008

hey nice review on Rumbling hearts its my number 1 favorite anime.

Wigbert Oct 10, 2008

so you've watchd KGNE. is there anywhere you know that i can find the 3rd ep of the OVA ~next season~?

i can't find it anywhere.

Etsei Apr 3, 2008

dude ur review about KGNE was awsome, makes me feel to watch it again someday, T-T best romance anime i've ever seenkeep working on more reviews!!!

mirai Jan 24, 2008

Hey, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your review on KGNE, it was very well written and definately pointed out some of the best features of the anime. (If I had never seen it before, it would definately motivate me to watch it!) Just thought I'd drop by and say that, and I hope you write some more reviews ^^