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about me

Once upon a time, there was darkness.


(Copyrighted by Ulicia 2013)

Just kidding.

Hi, I'm General Ulicia.

Our world may be blessed with the presence of anime, but there are still corners of untouched darkness that repels our otaku influence. I have, more than just a few times, fallen victim to such darkness. So over my very long absence from this site, I have resolved that it is our responsibility as Enlightened Ones to abolish these patches of ignorance before they become perpetuated.

Thus, I have returned to lead the war.

Whether I'm kidding or not is up to you to decide.

If you think I'm not, then join the UAA, the United Anime Army (it doesn't exist).

(But it might if you want it to.)


Love, Hearts, and Kisses,


Now, for more practical information (no more cult invitations) :


Supernatural/romance/action/comedy/sometimes horror anime



SOME Fantasy novels...only like the unique ones that don't involve vampires or werewolves (nothing against them, just seen too much of them) and don't always have characters with shitty pasts...

Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, Kpop

Drawing (attempting to draw) anime

Writing fanfiction/original fiction



Punctuation/spelling mistakes/grammatical errors (kinda hypocritical here since I'm sure I make a ton of those lol)


School dances...

When people ask me for homework answers.

Ecchi overkill


Whiny main characters

Useless male leads...

etc. <<doesn't really explain much..lol

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July 15, 2013

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animeforever817 avatar animeforever817


May 6, 2011

Whats your favorite anime? ^_^

otoshikami avatar otoshikami


May 4, 2011

kami nomi zo shiru sekai2, ao no exorsist, a-channel, those are the only ones, I've the same problem... i love kami, but a-channel is great too, dunno why but maybe is the "moe factor" xD!!

otoshikami avatar otoshikami


May 2, 2011

haha saw is seriously terrifying movie.... and are you watching anime of the current season?, dunno like ao exorcist or a-channel

HiroRyusaki avatar HiroRyusaki


Apr 28, 2011

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback.

HiroRyusaki avatar HiroRyusaki


Apr 26, 2011

Thanks, can you give more specific feedback though? I hope to improve through peer evaluation, be honest and realistic, what did you like, what didn't you like? If you don't feel like it, oh well, but it'd be awesome if you could!

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