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Chyeah... I basically Watch Anime For A Living O_O =/

My very first anime I ever watched was a strange one, not usually people's first, anyway, it was Elfen Lied, and after watching 2-3 episodes I was completely hooked, couldn't get enough of it, then I found like... The best anime site EVER! I'll be kind enough to share it with you,                > www.piggymoo.com < Here Is Most of The Anime People Want To Watch, I've been watching anime for about a year now, and still can't get enough of it, I'm absolutely in love with Yuri and Yaoi <3<3<3 (For people who have no Idea what these are, google them) And I'm Not Really Into Slice of Life Anime =/, Anyway I'ma Go, Nice Speaking At You, I Have No Idea Why You Were Interested in the First Place ^^.

Bai Bai <3<3

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shadowfox6 May 24, 2009

Hi, great top 5 too & yeah, itachi is awesome   T.T

iSoraPlawks Oct 30, 2008

At least i haffz a comment on mah profile Fufufufufu oh wait.... Damn x3