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Romance + slice of life + ecchi > romance > slice of life > ecchi > all.

I love romance anime, but I'm really picky about the ones I'll watch. Realism is a must. I can't watch 'magical girl' types. Also, no female protaganists. The only exception is when it is a shared split between male and female "point of view" (B Gata H Kei, for example). Just as important, at LEAST high school... most of the time the thought process of characters portrayed when they are < 14 is too complex for that age. Plus, it makes me feel like a creeper to watch. Lastly, no homosexuality. For either sex. Nothing against it, I'm simply not interested in watching it.

The soundtrack for Yosuga no Sora is amazing. Double for Clannad.

5 stars = lots of tears/feels/lols/ecchi. Anything less probably didn't have enough of one or all of those. 3 stars or less and most likely I only watched it because I didn't have anything else to watch. No rating is either dropped/not worth the time to rate/watching.

I don't understand why everyone loves/compares everything to Code Geass? Yeah, it wasn't your average, and the main character used brains>brawn. But to compare Guilty Crown and any other 'mecha' anime is dumb. Guilty Crown is not a 'rip off' of Code Geass, and Code Geass shouldn't be the standard for other 'mecha'.

If I had to pick one show for everyone to watch, it would be Clannad. Hands down, no second thoughts. 

Also, what is with the incest/twincest hate? It isn't real, get over yourself.

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ilubsanime says...

I love your ecchi list!! Aki sora was probably my favorite ecchi too :) :). I just watched highschool DxD and really liked it.

Jun 3, 2013