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wolfangel87 Feb 11, 2008

Awesome!!!!  I will totally check that out!  Thanks for telling me!^_^

argona Jan 26, 2008

hey thanks for adding me in yahoo.some times I'm invis so just drop a pm and I will answer ,ne!take care

Kivan Jan 5, 2008

Install Miranda. I use it as substitute for MSN and ICQ :)

argona Jan 3, 2008

oh my gooooooood!

I was reading your bio again and wondering what is intersella 5555?

oh my god I was looking everywhere for this anime and I didnt know the name!!!!

I love u!

hey do u knwo any other anime with blue aliens?there is another one I'm searching for!I'm obsessed with these beautiful aliens! 

*keeps screaming* 

argona Jan 3, 2008

I'm realy glad that u are brave enough to remain who u realy are not what others want u to be even if it means u being a steak in a vegan restaurant! but dont worry I'm sure u wont feel like that here!this place is full of nice,lovely and crazy people and I am one crazy person comparing to many of my friends but I have few close friends that r like me and I enjoy being them more than anyone else!

byremainging who we realy are we may not have many friends but instead we will find ourselves true friends!!^^

ok.I'm  realy begining to rant in here!be careful!I can talk too much!