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OneiChan Aug 7, 2007

I checked out your forum profile and saw that your occupation was student/mom so I thought I would come check out your site profile. And instead of silently lurking... I am leaving a comment. I was starting to wonder if I was the only mom on A-P! I am also curious about this 'Hick Hell' that you live in, because I was under the impression that I lived there o_o 

Your recs are great <3 And Welcome! (Better late than never, no?) 

Montx Aug 6, 2007

Nope not rly dosen't ring a bell .. why who's that???

Montx Aug 6, 2007

Thx, i think my avatar is sexy too xD  by the way it's from Ikkitousen if u want to know =P 

Reawen Aug 6, 2007

Delayed, but not forgotten! I'm splitting this into 2 posts to get past the character limit ^_^ 

Part 1: My all-time favorite fantasy-type books are all of the C.S. Friedman books. Although I can't really explain why, I find them much different (I think more "intelligent") than a lot of other fantasy. They're not really wizards and whatnot of traditional fantasy, and some are a little more towards the sci-fi side.

I'd say the most fantasy-type ones are the Coldfire trilogy, which are collectively my favorite (with the best for last, of course ^_^). That trilogy I highly recommend!

Reawen Aug 6, 2007

Part 2:

Second favorite would be This Alien Shore, but it's more sci-fi. Then I think The Madness Season, then In Conquest Born. I haven't read The Wilding yet (somehow I missed its release... I was waiting for it in great anticipation for the better part of a year, then....? I don't know what happened ^_^). It's not really a sequel, but is set in the same universe as In Conquest Born. And in looking up her website to link here, I just saw she's got a new one out this year: Feast of Souls. But if you plan on reading Coldfire, you may not want to read the description on her site, because it has a minor spoiler for the ending of Coldfire. What's with that!?

So, yeah... I know they're not all that new (Conquest Born was written in '86!) but I don't usually find many people who have read them, so I thought I'd suggest it. Now you're probably going to tell me you've already read them all and I wasted the post ^_~