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I'm a club Admin of the 'How to Watch Anime' Club stop by and join some of our discussions/events.

Other Random facts about me: I'm currently a College Student and am an avid gamer I have a PS3.

My current gaming obbessions are: Eternal Sonata

My current anime obbessions this season are: Kokoro Connect

My current real life obbessions are: College Life

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Minai99 Jun 24, 2013

Not too bad, tyranid, thanks for asking. I haven't been watching anime nearly as much, my room is dead, and I just haven't had much reason to come onto here much lately, unfortunately. Woah, when did you get to watching so much? I don't remember your "watched" being anywhere close to 900 before. Do you by chance have some good science fiction recs in anime? It occurred to me that I can't think of too many that I might want to watch, and it saddens me a bit to look at my own list of watched shows, and realize that I haven't seen nearly as much as I'd like. I'm open to both really old and really new shows, as long as they are GOOD. What have I seen that I liked? 

Akira. Obviously. :p

Armitage III movie was cool; had a really rad 80s/cyberpunk feel to it

A Wind Named Amnesia was a surprisingly decent piece of scifi

Blue Sub No. 6, although it's been so long since I've seen it I can barely remember

Battle Angle Alita. Another one that's been a long time since I've seen

Bokurano...eh... :/

Cowboy Bebop. That's all I have to say ;p

Crest of the Stars. Meh.

Cyber City Oedo. A cult Classic

Eden of the East. ugh the ending

Ergo Proxy

Anything Evangelion. OMGlovelymindfuck

Ghost in the Shell Franchise. Nuff said.

Guilty Crown. Meh.

Irresponsible Captain Tylor. Hilarious. Not so much scifi just space opera.

Jin Roh: Wolf Brigade. Amazing in a dark sort of way.

Mardock Scramble. Has Promise.

Martian Successor Nadesico. Meh.

Metropolis. Oh my goodness it's lovely

anything Gundam

Paprika. Very pretty. Story is convoluted.

Redline. Gorgeous, action-packed

Serial Experiments Lain. What a mindfuck


Summer Wars


Trigun. A classic

Wings of Honnemaise

Wolf's Rain

Besides this list, do you by chance have any suggestions of GOOD anime in the science fiction genre to recommend? Thanks. :)

Wealthystick May 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Tyranid! 

NorthPole Oct 30, 2012

Anime-Planet Secret Santa 2012

All are welcome to join! Click the above link for more details! Spread the word ^__^

Kari5 Sep 11, 2012

No worries, thanks for the heads up! (Sorry I had to check, but you know the drill :p)

Kari5 Sep 7, 2012

I have to ask, have you seen Rinne no Lagrange 2? Its not on your anime list but you're submitting changes for it?