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I'm a club Admin of the 'How to Watch Anime' Club stop by and join some of our discussions/events.

Other Random facts about me: I'm currently a College Student and am an avid gamer I have a PS3.

My current gaming obbessions are: Eternal Sonata

My current anime obbessions this season are: Kokoro Connect

My current real life obbessions are: College Life

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leahma says...

Ha ha hey Tyranid5, I'm pretty sure a few girls at 12 were busty just like her Cleo. I've seen another characeter the same age but she was even more bustier! Lol some girls hit puberty faster or grow boobs bigger.

Jul 17, 2016
NorthPole says...

You are INVITED! ^__^

Spread the word!

Nov 4, 2014
Sianeka says...

Wanted to thank you for your work on the site: sothis praised you as a special helper with the newest video integration feature. Thank You! It's a better place for us all thanks to your efforts!

Also, been meaning to ask you: Would you join the A-P Welcoming Committee as a Club Supporter?  Seeing as I believe you would agree that welcoming new members to the site is a good idea. Club Supporters endorse the idea that WECO welcomes new members to the site. There are NO OBLIGATIONS involved in being a Club Supporter.  No extra work that you need to do; by becoming a Supporter, all you are doing is saying you agree it is a good idea that the club welcomes new members. So I'm hoping you will let me add you as a Club Supporter!

Apr 20, 2014
Sianeka says...

Hi! I decided to appoint myself as an Unofficial site greeter, and have been using the sorted User list to send a "Hello and Welcome" message to new members who sign up. I told sothis about it, and she said it's a good idea and mentioned that a group had gotten together as a Welcoming Club, but that it never really got off the ground. Maybe it could be resurrected. (Nothing new under the sun, eh?)

I found the relevant forum section, and saw that you seemed to be moderating/leading this club. I don't wish to step on toes or mess up anything you might have going on with this, so I thought I'd check in with you before I post anything or try to recruit helpers or anything. There are a number of good ideas in this topic that will be very useful to organizing such a project.

Your tips and comments to me would be very much appreciated, as well as if you plan to activate this again or are doing something with it (Last post was in 2012 so I'm guessing it is truly inactive/dropped now.)

For reference - my message to sothis and her reply:

ME:I've been adding "Hello and welcome" comments to new members on the site as my own way to try to help out (figuring that a friendly greeting may help some of them stick around longer and/or be encouraged to participate more - I've made some new friends on the site this way, too). I recently figured out to use the Users page sorted to catch them all (as opposed to randomly checking the newest member display on User page before that). I never realized A-P got soooo many new signups each day!!! But in one fell swoop with the new feature, I think you found a better way to accomplish this!  Great work, again I thank you for the hard work you devote to this wonderful site.

(Gonna still continue working as an unofficial site greeter, though. A friendly face on a new site can only be a good thing, right?)

sothis:It actually tends to be REALLY helpful and often means people will stick around, so thank you! If you want to try to get the 'welcome club' going in the forum, it would be fantastic to have a whole group of people doing it :) I think I made a subforum at one point but it didnt get off the ground (in club chat)

NOTE: There really ARE a LOT of people who sign up each day and it's a lot of work (not to mention a LOT of CAPTCHAs!) *grin*  for one person to handle.

Feb 28, 2014
Minai99 says...

Not too bad, tyranid, thanks for asking. I haven't been watching anime nearly as much, my room is dead, and I just haven't had much reason to come onto here much lately, unfortunately. Woah, when did you get to watching so much? I don't remember your "watched" being anywhere close to 900 before. Do you by chance have some good science fiction recs in anime? It occurred to me that I can't think of too many that I might want to watch, and it saddens me a bit to look at my own list of watched shows, and realize that I haven't seen nearly as much as I'd like. I'm open to both really old and really new shows, as long as they are GOOD. What have I seen that I liked? 

Akira. Obviously. :p

Armitage III movie was cool; had a really rad 80s/cyberpunk feel to it

A Wind Named Amnesia was a surprisingly decent piece of scifi

Blue Sub No. 6, although it's been so long since I've seen it I can barely remember

Battle Angle Alita. Another one that's been a long time since I've seen

Bokurano...eh... :/

Cowboy Bebop. That's all I have to say ;p

Crest of the Stars. Meh.

Cyber City Oedo. A cult Classic

Eden of the East. ugh the ending

Ergo Proxy

Anything Evangelion. OMGlovelymindfuck

Ghost in the Shell Franchise. Nuff said.

Guilty Crown. Meh.

Irresponsible Captain Tylor. Hilarious. Not so much scifi just space opera.

Jin Roh: Wolf Brigade. Amazing in a dark sort of way.

Mardock Scramble. Has Promise.

Martian Successor Nadesico. Meh.

Metropolis. Oh my goodness it's lovely

anything Gundam

Paprika. Very pretty. Story is convoluted.

Redline. Gorgeous, action-packed

Serial Experiments Lain. What a mindfuck


Summer Wars


Trigun. A classic

Wings of Honnemaise

Wolf's Rain

Besides this list, do you by chance have any suggestions of GOOD anime in the science fiction genre to recommend? Thanks. :)

Jun 24, 2013