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chii Nov 22, 2010

it's shorter. less suck to sit through

chii Nov 19, 2010

Watch Kanon, you would like it, you pussy! 2002 version though not that shitty remake!

cherrywolfchan Nov 19, 2010

XD Too be honest, my reviews are always right after I finish a series and might be a little rash, so yeah. I also tend to judge things a little too harshly if the series didn't impress me. But anyways- I've always been kind of least impressed with slice-of-life series, so Aishiteruze Baby was going to be something I knew wouldn't please me completely. I don't think the anime is bad by any means. As for what I was smoking... >3 lol jk! Other than that, would you like to clarify what you found wrong with my review? I mean, if you think I'm on something for reviewing this as such... you should see my review of Kanon. I hated that show and only laughed at it, not cried like everyone else who watched it, supposedly.

gretzky99 Nov 19, 2010

I don't know any other anime that have the same time span :\

There's an anime movie called 5 Centimeters per Second. It's emotinal, the animation is stunning, the soundtrack fits the atmosphere nicely and it follows the characters from the age of 13 until ~25. Maybe you might give it a try, I highly recommend it :)

gretzky99 Nov 17, 2010



IMO Clannad (or Clannad After Story) and Itazura na Kiss have something quite rare in common: they follow the main characters from their teens till young adulthood. I don't know any other anime with this feature.


But if you liked those two maybe you should try some of the ones mentioned below.


Anime involving romantic relationships with a more serious tone:

Bokura ga Ita


Paradise Kiss

School Days


Anime involving romantic relationships and are more comedic:

Kaichou wa Maid-sama

KimiKiss Pure Rouge

Honey and Clover

Nodame Cantabile


Aishiteruze Baby also tries (but only tries) to be serious and funny.


Angel Beats! is something that gives off a feeling like Clannad but it's quite different at the same time.