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I'm someone who changes their type of atmosphere every year. Did you know that last year I hated ecchi, and this year I love it with a passion?


High Priority Order;

1. Karin

2. To Aru Majutsu no Index

3. Shigofumi

4. Yumekui Merry

5. Chobits


My rating system goes as follows.

0.5/5 - 1/5; Absolutely hated the show. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, such as Mars of Destruction.

1.5/5 - 2/5; Found some sort of entertainment value. There is no clear defining structure on this rating, however I can say that I wouldn't recommend it. These are usually the childhood shows I didn't like as much as the others, such as zoids and Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

2.5/5 - 3/5; I found the show at about average. I enjoyed it while I watched it, but overall it's standard. I wouldn't recommend these unless there's nothing else to do, such as Best Student Council or Hyakko.

3.5/5 - 4/5; These are the above average animes. I enjoyed the entire thing, but found that the anime was lacking something. That lack is what slightly turned me away from the show, but overall, there's little improvement to be made. These I usually recommend to people that are just starting out that don't need something way too strong, such as Bleach.

4.5/5; An almost perfect show. There are very little flaws to be found, but for whatever reason, I didn't like it 100%. These shows either have some sort of obvious flaw that turned me away from the show, or couldn't be better (but wasn't the best.) Examples include My Little Sister Can't be This Cute, Fairy Tail and C.

These shows I would recommend as 2nd priority. If I liked the show, say, 95% of it, then there are good odds that someone will either feel the same about the show like me, or think that it's perfect (With the exception of.. some people who just flat out don't like that genre/show.) I'm just saying what the odds may be, and I think they're pretty good.

5/5; A perfect show. A show I can't seem to find any improvements for. I thoroughly enjoyed these shows and would recommend them to people in a heartbeat, such as Kiss x Sis/TV or Clannad & Kanon (2006).

Unlike 4.5 star animes on my list, the 5 star ones are the ones which I cannot find any improvements for that literally could not be better and be the best. These are the strongest of my shows that I felt real emotion for in either an exciting way or a dramatic way. Because of the nature of these shows, I tend to not recommend them to people who are just starting out on anime. Who would want their first anime to be Clannad?

Some of the shows on my list do not have this hard hitting emotion, but have more of a "This is amazing!" feel (to me). If someone were to say "I want to get into anime, give me some of your best shows to watch," I would probably say something like "Hunter x Hunter," "Cowboy Bebop," or even "One Piece." All in all, these shows are the shows you have to have watched.


Pretty standardized list really. I look a bit of a different approach in the rating, but all in all, it's pretty reliable.

Btw, Kiss x sis, greatest anime ever. (Jokingly of course, but Clannad, Kanon & air, you guys still have my heart)

Top 5 anime in order;

1. Clannad, Kanon (2006) & Air (If you don't know why I put these 3 as 1, go away)

2. Wolf's Rain/OVA

3. Welcome to the NHK

4. Kiss x Sis/TV

5. Durarara!!


Favorite Genres in Order;

1. Lolicon (I just think they're so adorable! I just want to hug them.)

2. Romance

3. Drama

4. Ecchi

5. Comedy


Least Favorite Genre; LOVE TRIANGLE


Favorite Characters in Order;

1. Izaya Orihara (Durarara!!)

2. Death the Kid (Soul Eater)

3. Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!!)

4. Siegfried (Kenichi)

5. Xerxes Break (Pandora Hearts)

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code4240 says...

I got an account now. :D

Mar 9, 2011
Kico7 says...

Well, ANime-planet's forum they just talk about first season and Fuuko... in "myanimelist" forum i am not sure, many of them just say that it wasn't nice, it was horrible, etc. These are the guys that i think that didn't get the ending, because they just say "Oh man, what a shit, it was just a dream", that makes me think, maybe they are brainless. I have to admiti that i didn't get everything of the plot yet (for example, why did Tomoya just realize that meeting Nagisa wasn't a mistake just after joining his soul with his counterpart?) but i have some idea of what happened with Tomoya, Nagisa and Ushio!

Dec 28, 2010
Kico7 says...

Hey, are there few that feel that way about after story?

I really loved the ending, that may be why after story is so far my favorite romance anime.

Dec 27, 2010