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Puni Puni Poemy

Jan 14, 2011

Story 4/10;

I can't believe there were no reviews on this anime. That's just rediculous! I think this anime is popular. Maybe, maybe not. Whatever. Let's get this party started!

So, about the story. What's that? There's a story? That's the question I asked myself before wanting to write a review on this anime. I can say that the main goal of this anime was comedy, and it made it! For a comedic factor, I have to give it a pretty good score, but for the overall storyline and how everything progressed, there is no clarity to the story at all. Things were just thrown out of the blue with no explanation.

There was some comedic drama I would have to say. They put in something dramatic and made it somewhat of a laughable thing. This OVA is very fast paced (And the way that poemi talks) which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I knew the story, but I didn't know anything on, say, motivations. Pretty much every seen, I ask myself either "Why?" or "What just happened?" which is good for comedy, but bad for story.

Animation 7/10;

Watching this anime, I was surprised at the animation put in here. The actual images were really good quality, I will admit. The actual animating of the images though could use a little work, but I think this is an appropriate score.

Sound 6/10;

The sound here just didn't blow my mind. It was average in taste. The voice actors though, I give a lot of credit to, primarily for keeping up with poemi's 300 words per minute.

Characters 6/10;

Well, as far as character development, the characters were introduced with a lot of haste, but I have to say, it's 2 episodes long so it's understandable. I grew to know a lot about the characters, but the other ones I still have no clue what their story is. I can tell what each character is like and a bit on their interests. I still have no clue on a few parts, which you have to watch it to understand what I mean.

You look at a lot of characters and ask yourself "WHY?!" It was a bit of a shocker at the small amount of incest. I look at the characters and if there was one word that I could use to describe about 80% of the characters in this anime, I would say "Perverted." The relationships between the characters shows how unique the characters really are. It seems as if everyone has somewhat of the same idea here.

Overall 5.5/10;

Yeah.. I didn't understand this anime at all. It made me laugh though, which gives it its watchability. There is a lot of emphasis on ecchi and there's a story that confuses the living hell out of just about anyone. Had the story not been so poorly written, I can say that it might have actually dropped a lot of the comedic factor and thus dropping a lot off this anime's score.

It's just bad, but it's so good as well, that I suggest that if you don't mind the ecchi bits (Which is emphasized as I will emphasize again) that you should watch this anime. It's 2 episodes long, you can't go too wrong.

4/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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Goodyob Jun 4, 2011

I always thought that the storyline being almost non-existent in this one was a parody of how a lot of OVAs have poorly written story lines

LinkSword Apr 27, 2011

Not really if you mind my opinion. When I'm watching something that takes itself seriously I consider it by different parameters than those I use with a show like this that's pure random funny poop trying (and sometimes managing) to make me laugh. I honestly don't see the point in giving any importance to the story of a random comedy, especially when it's just 2 OVA. The point was to have me lol'ing and for the sake of that goal even the very idea of a proper storyline was forsaken and pissed over. Which sometimes makes for a great watch in terms of hilarity, like Puni's bigger sister Excel Saga.

To each their own I guess. For me Puni Puni was about a 7/10 watch by my standards for comedy.

Tyman2007 Feb 20, 2011

Please reread a few choice sentences.

"I can say that the main goal of this anime was comedy, and it made it!

"For a comedic factor, I have to give it a pretty good score, but for the overall storyline and how everything progressed, there is no clarity to the story at all."

I understand what you're getting at, as sometimes I miss things like this a lot, but as you can see, I written this with the full understanding that this was a comedy.

I didn't enjoy giving this anime a low score on the storyline. Just in reality, how would I rate it any higher? The story sucks! It made me laugh, so it did its job, but it you match it to something with quality, you will find an obvious difference, and that is why I can't give this anime a score as close to something with actual quality anime.

If that makes sense.

LinkSword Feb 19, 2011

Man, this was a random parody anime. The story was supposed to make no sense at all, they intentionally made it like that. ''Drama'' scenes were parody too, of course they would be laughable...