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Review of “Canaan” Anime


My second review will be Canaan, a 13 episode anime created by P.A. Works. It’s a sequel to the Nintendo Wii visual novel 428: Fusa Sareta Shibuya de by Type-Moon who’s famous for there Fate/stay night and Tsukihime visual novels. 428: Fusa Sareta Shibuya de has been one of the few games to be awarded a perfect score by Famitsu. Right from the get go when Canaan is seen shooting balloons out of the sky with a sniper rifle as well as Alphard being escorted off of a military boat by solders - all with Sham’s introductory monologue – you instantly know your in for a good 12 episodes of action packed anime. 


428: Fusa Sareta Shibuya de:         

The event in 428: Fusa Sareta Shibuya de is known as the “Shibuya Incident”. The Ua virus – a highly deadly biological weapon – was created by an unknown country in an unknown lab and was considered the most dangerous virus in the world since there wasn’t yet a cure. The terrorist organization Snake – lead by Alphard -  infected Kenji Osawa’s daughter – Maria Osawa – with the virus forcing him to develop a cure. Snakes plan was to then steal the cure and profit from any country that were to fall victim to the virus. However their plans fail thanks to the protagonists of 428: Fusa Sareta Shibuya de (The player). A second generation Ua virus was later developed by a joint venture between the CIA and Snake. Through Maria was saved by her fathers cure, the trauma she endured made her suffer Amnesia. As a result, she can’t remember certain events during the incident such as having met Alphard.

The Anime:

The ANIME STORY opens up to a festival in Shanghai which Maria Osawa – now an apprentice photographer – and her partner Minoru Minorikawa attend. The two are originally sent to Shanghai to cover the upcoming International Anti-Terrorist Conference. Elsewhere during the festival, Alphard escapes captivity with the help of her two underlings Liang Ji and Cummings. She then dispatches assassins to kill Maria, having been a survivor of the Shibuya Incident,  prompting Canaan to jump in and save her – again. The next big chunk of the story takes place at the Anti-Terrorist Conference where a politician feverishly – and methodically – preaches about “love and peace” (Boo). Alphard rains on his parade however when she and her crones attacks the building and takes everyone hostage…As well as Maria – yet again (-_-).  Canaan wields a cool little ability called synesthesia to aid her in combat. An ability to meld all of the five senses into one. It allows her to see a persons ‘color’ (or aura) to tell friend from foe in a large crowed as well as slow the world around her to the point she can dodge bullets like neo. With such an ability, she busts in to the conference, saves Maria (…Again) and even used it to divert the trajectory of a bomb to keep it from blowing up the Conference Hall.          

A big subplot of the anime is the Ua virus and it’s survivors known as the Borner’s and the Unbloom. Borners are those infected with the Ua virus but by some miracle managed to survive the 100% chance rate of death. As a result, their bodies mutated to the point of possessing supernatural abilities. A few exceptions include Yunyun (my favorite character), who only grew an extra appendix due to the mutation. When someone becomes a Borner they need to take a special medication, or they’ll still die within mounths. Unbloom’s are also a type of survivor but are much weaker.  They did not gain any special abilities and instead became deathly sensitive to the sun and sound. Unbloom’s who go out into the world must wear special  helmets (beaver and cat helmets as depicted in the anime) to protect them from such things. If the helmets are removed – they die.        

 Most Noteworthy Characters:             

 Liang Qi, Voiced by: Rie Tanaka (Japanese)  

Liang Qi finally losses it after hearing Alphard's real name. 

What anime is complete with out a bat shit insane side character for us to either laugh at – or pity- depending on the person watching. Liang Qi fills that role perfectly in this anime.  She has the role of Alphard’s lieutenant in Snake and thinks of Alphard as an older sister…. Not!. The bitch is flat out in love with Alphard! Pretty much to the point of obsession. But to her dismay, instead of Alphard returning Qi’s heartfelt affections, she ignores, mocks and even tries to kill her a few times after Alphard abandons her at the Anti-Terrorist Conference. At the beginning she seems rather normal. That is if you count shooting BB’s at people and walking around nude during a meeting normal. But as the anime progresses she becomes more and more unstable and sadistic all leading up to the point Cummings has to kill her to end her suffering

  Yunyun, Voiced by: Haruka Tomatsu (Japanese)   

And as for the comic relief character - there’s Yunyun, who throughout the series made me laugh hysterically. Her most funniest moments are comprised in episode 5 “Friends” in which Liang Qi  forces her to try and kill Canaan. During the episode she pulls a variety of antics such as stuffing bread rolls into her bra to make her look more busty. When Yunyun actually tries to kill her she can’t find the safety on the gun. Canaan shows her as well as how to aim the thing properly right before taking the gun away from her. Even if you don’t like action, you should watch Canaan specifically for the comedy.          

 Animation:   It’s an action anime – meaning there’s a shit load of action. And P.A. Works did a kick ass job in staying true to the action genre. Theres Gun fights, Epic hand to hand combat that I doubt anyone can pull off in real life. And there’s even a bad ass car chase featuring an insane taxi driver. Maria and Minoru befriend him as they are fleeing from two assassins: A kid and his older brother – who’s suffering from accelerated ageing due to the Ua virus. It makes him look old, when in fact he’s acutely quite energetic.  

You know your an idiot when your target has to show you how to use your own gun.

YO! Granddaddies in the house!

Soundtrack: The opening theme IS  Mind as Judgement by Faylan.           

Other then that the soundtrack is pretty nice. It blends in well with the action and suspence but it’s nothing insanely special.   

My final say on Canaan. It’s a seriously kick ass anime. But since it’s the sequel to a visual novel that I can’t find - there’s a big chuck of the story missing for me. I wish I could know the full story of the Shibuya Incident. In a certain vary small dissapointment, I would have preferred they animated the games story and then went ahead with Canaan. But with action and comedy like this, I’m willing to overlook such a minor annoyance. 

My Score: 9/10    

+ Interesting Characters

+ Awesome Action and Car Chase 

+ Yunyun (lol)

+ Good Story  


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