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Hi there, Tyler Junky here, that’s of course not my real name – its my Pen Name. I’m a 21 year old internet addict and a N.E.E.T (Not currently engaged in Employment, Education or Training) and all I ever do, day in and day out, is torrent Anime and read Manga online.  Some people here in my village town call me an Otaku, even though I’m not that seriously obsessed. Plus that’s what it’s called mostly in Japan. Here in the good old USA they usually just call it geek, nerd, dork…fag.    …I honestly think I was born in the wrong country sometimes. If I’m not doing any illegal anime/manga viewing I’m writing non stop or helping my elderly mother around the house. 

I enjoy writing to no end, I can’t stress that enough. I’m always on the computer typing away my fantasies. And when I’m not at my computer desk I’m always scribbling out plots, character bios and drawing swords in my binder – which I call a Horcrux due to it containing a large portion of my soul. I would say Anime and Manga are my primary sources of inspiration. I get allot of my story telling juice from dark and gruesome shows like Darker Then Black, Death Note, Black Lagoon, Rainbow and Gantz. There good animes. Violent, but good. If your a fellow anime fan Go check em out!. I also draw inspiration from all the emotional crap I deal with on a daily basis. Such as my mom having breast cancer, my dad being dead, and my crazed junkie of a brother being an insensitive jerk about all of it. And of course me being a 21 year old internet N.E.E.T, as already mentioned. 

To your (possible) surprise, I’m not writing just Novels and Manga Scripts but stories in other formats as well. I’m a beginning Screenwriter (Writers for film & television) and I’m also dabbling in Game Scripts. Screenwriteing is pretty difficult since it follows a certain format and style. Novels are easier since they don’t require such difficult formatting or one simple style and don’t follow such harsh rules. But now that I think about it I’m probably bitching because I started writing novels long before getting started into everything else. Guess I just need practice. 

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