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Lets see.  A new year, swiftly approaching the 2 year mark at A-P (although I should just say 2 years here since by the time I update again it will have been long past that), so time for a re-haul.

As far as many things go, I generally always announce that I'm 'compacting', which, in the end amounts to more words, just longer paragraphs =/.  So for now I'm just gonna get to the basics.

I'll be 27 this year.  I work many jobs, amongst those are freelance writing and graphic design (advertising stuff, nothin special).  My girl and I will have been together for 4 years this Febuary.  We have pets.  I live in NY.  I like anime.

Whew...what a page turner that is.

But in all seriousness, I truly love anime.  Akira and Vampire Hunter D way back when being what initially jump started me into the world of japanese animation, I really don't think I could imagine my days without it.  Because of this, this site, and the people on it are godsends to me.  I never thought it was possible to find a site as extensive as this, and with a community rich with people who all love the same things I do, but here we are.  So truly, thank you all for being here!

Onto other news, due to the inspiration from one of my favorite A-P reviewers (well now 'ex' A-P reviewer I guess) KiraRin, I recently took upon the task of starting up my own blog all about anime, for anime =D.

the blog itself can be found at http://justaliltwyzted.blogspot.com and while you're there, if you ever go there (=D) make sure to stop off and see KiraRin's blog at http://lesswordsmoreboobs.blogspot.com !

Well I guess for now, Enjoy!

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KiraRin avatar KiraRin


Feb 12, 2011

Hey hon, glad to hear you're okay! was starting to get concerned that you'd bailed on your blog!

Life here is all about weddings, working and a fair bit of travelling at the moment. I have to admit I've been neglecting my blog a little too, as I hardly seem to have been at home as of late. when I do finally get a weekend to myself, I discover my finace has invited people round for me to cook. Ah  well, a pleasant evening was had by all :p

So, whats coming up on your review agenda? I'm considering doing MM! next, possibly Shikibane Hime: Aka and maybe MAR when I finally finish it...



Kaorichaos avatar Kaorichaos


Jan 25, 2011

@_@ Nothing worth reccomending really i haven't had the best luck with anime lately xD I tortured myself through Nurse Witch Komugi for god knows what reason. Soul Eater i liked but the ending was dissapointing. How have things been? Anything good on your end lately?

KiraRin avatar KiraRin


Jan 18, 2011

Sorry for the delay, but things are full on wedding planning interspersed with work. Even the blog is getting neglected at the moment! Even my planned bake-a-thon was put on the backburner this weekend, although that had more to do with a lack of eggs and a dislike of the rain... But pumpkin isn't widely available here until haloween - go figure.

Since discovering the new game from team ICO is going to be a PS3 exclusive, we're under negotiations for getting a new console. I figure as it's a Q4 release though, we could just put it on the wedding list :D We already have Forza 3, but as an oldschool GT fan, I miss the Sony game.

So, did you manage to watch REC yet??? Seems everyone I have spoken to recently is struggling time to fit in animu. Personally, I just finished Suteki Tantei Labyrinth, and it was bad. Really bad.

How you getting on with your blog? I notice it's been quiet lately, I hope you're not giving up already! Still plenty of ecchi out there that needs watched and a voice of reason to discuss it.


Anyways, time for an early night in readiness to do battle at work tomorrow...





nekocharlotte avatar nekocharlotte


Jan 18, 2011
KiraRin avatar KiraRin


Jan 7, 2011

I have to admit, I adore baking but not doing any at the moment due to the healthy eating! One of my favourites can be found here:


Quick, easy and utterly delicious. One bowl of wet and one of dry ingredients. Mix, bake, frost and eat. Simples!

I'm not much of a gaming girl any more, but I do love a good evening of either Tekken or Guitar Hero. And although I apparently live in an anti-PS3 household, I would very much like the new Gran Turismo.... I was the queen of the rally stages back in the day, and I bet it would look amazing on a huuge tv ^^

I would love cats, but unfortunately I'm allergic. Good job I prefer dogs, even if mine is a complete fruitloop:



He has the build more like a collie, but the definite colours of the GSD. Also, he has the energy of both combined and the common sense of neither. Go figure. He's the special case we both love :P

I really hope you enjoy REC, because it is definitely one of the best romance stories I've seen. You should maybe introduce your missus to it, although some people may be put off as the animation isn't the best out there...

Magical Pokan is definitely one to be enjoyed by ecchi perverts. It's not as in your face as certain other titles *coughStrikeWitchescough*, but the characters are just so adorable, it makes it all worth while :D

Somone told me to watch Samurai Girls a while ago, and I put it off as it looked like generic Ikkitousen fluff. I guess from your review it still seems that way, but I may give it a whirl! I now have Arakawa downloaded, but first need to finish Monochrome Factor and the terribad Suteki Tantei Labyrinth. But I feel your pain fellow blogger user! But what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger - or so they tell me...



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