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Aeolus702 avatar Aeolus702


Dec 9, 2012
WindyMiller avatar WindyMiller


Jan 2, 2012

Phil Gantz the live action movie is out. Have you seen it already or are you going to avoid it?

Anyways how have you been? i havent heard from many people since i moved to maastrichts and without a car i cant get around.

Any Anime you have found interesting since i have left?

Well hopefully before i leave again we can catch up. talk to you later.

AlmightyHanakoChan avatar AlmightyHanakoChan


Nov 27, 2011

I'M SORRY OKAY I'm tryna get back into anime, but my short attention span won't let me stick to one anymore... so i'm gonna watch an ep of all of them until I find one I really like. Sorry, Idk how to stop the updates from spamming you. D:

WindyMiller avatar WindyMiller


Mar 22, 2011

Bleach: Rules of Cleaning: NO BANKAI!

WindyMiller avatar WindyMiller


Mar 8, 2011

have you seen gantz the live film? Lol it is better than i thought it was going to be but i still before the anime alot more.

i dont like the ending as much ethier. if they had spend more time they could of done the proper ending.

otherwise how are you doing?

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