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about me

Hey everyone~! Call me Eve.

My occupations are being a practice writer, a digital artist, and a pretty good photographer. I like to talk to people, so leave a message and we can chat~ ;D

I guess I should start at where I watch/read Anime/Manga and what types are my favorite.

My Goal? I'm pretty sure its like everyone elses; watch as many Anime and read as many Manga as I can! ;D


So... My favorite Anime place/s would be;

-Justdubs.net _ -Gogoanime.com _ -Dubhappy.com _ -Animeratio.com

And my favorite Manga place/s would be;


As for types? I'm not into any specific types, although I do like supernatural/sci-fi ish themes, as well as a little bit of horror. Stuff like Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) and Bleach are just my stuff. I do watch creepier stuff like Death Note, Physchic Detective Yakumo, Ghost Hunt, and Vampire Knight. I'm not at all a wimp, I just don't like hard-core phycadellic stuff. I watch all kinds of Anime's so I don't have a "Hate" list for types I'm not into, its the Anime that counts, not the Genre.

I'm into manga too, and I read it a whole lot. I'm now reading S.I.D. (Supernatural Investigation Department, avalible at Mangahere.com), and am loving every word.

I've seen a lot of Animes, new and old. There is no way for me to tell you my "Top 10" or "Favorites" or whatever. I can't do it so don't ask. I like and/or love them all. I can't do "Fav" for Manga either, and again, don't ask. If you wanna' ask about a title, go ahead, I don't bite. ;D


*Its just a little scattered :D*

I'm 15 and a little crazy on the outside, but everyone around me says I'm super nice. O.O And you think I'm crazy... Just kidding~! I love my friends lots, and would be totally lost without them. MY DA friends have helped and ecouraged me loads with my art and writing, THANK YOUS! <3

I'm Irish, Norwegian, and Blackfoot Indian. My Indian features don't show, and I look more Norwegian than Irish. I dyed my hair from light brown/blonde to a red/auburn/cinnaberry color. I have gray/green/blue eyes that change color and I'm about 5' 6/7''

I'm into a lot of stuff, and am totally compatable with anyone. Meaning that if you have different tastes (likes, dislikes, etc.) we will still get along fine... I hope...

I'm on the computer a lot. A lot does not even cover the 1MM of it, let alone the BEGINING. I'm almost never on FaceBook since I quit. DeviantART is where I spend most of my ONLINE time (besides the 8 hour Anime Marathon I watch everyday O.- ).

I like the colors Lime/Chartreuse/Neon Green, Black (all shades really), Bright/Neon/Blood Red, and Bright/Neon Blue. Its really weird but I like using blue more when I digi paint and design... *shruggs*

I'm 100% purely straight and I'm not racicist or bisexual.

I'm a generaly cool girl, fun to talk to, and polite. But if you mess with my friends you get a whole lot of badass. Just sayin'~

*!HELP PLEASE (ANIME/MANGA)!* I need help finding:

*This is for Anime and/or Manga that I can't find here (or have forgotten its name) and need help finding it. Please help if you can, thank you!*

-None so far! 

Thats all for now, see ya'! -Eve

PS: I'm guessing I will come back to this and redo a good half. This, along with anything/everything, will probably be edited more within the next 2 weeks or so.

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MOJ avatar MOJ

You Rock!

Sep 8, 2011

Oh Holy...i just noticed your "anime watched". Wonderful job :D I only wish i could spend as much time as that but unfortunately we have a bloody internet limit here in Canada.

And i also love your anime sites choices. I am a big fan of justdubs.net myself. (I just love their mascot).

You also said you were into writing. Do you have any pieces online or something like that?

MOJ avatar MOJ


Sep 8, 2011

I know what you mean :) "To be noticed" is a main dream of mine too. I have some blogs up but not many comments. People don't usually take the time to read others blogs. Since i am a blogger myself, i know how important a blog is to the author, especially if it is passionate (like yours was :P) or well written, as the author then took the time to make it appealing to others.

That is why i spend a few minutes each time i log in to check out the new blogs. Some of them are good but many of them are honestly a waste of time...i even wrote a blog about blogs on this site :P

Oh and before i forget...Hi ^_^

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