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Hi Hi everyone, welcome to my profile.

I'm Tsuyoshi(Meaning Strong and Tough) who loves Anime. Feel free to check out my Anime list anytime! and if you happen to have any recommendations that would be awesome! :D

Aside from anime i also Cosplay at home, Listen to music alot, and read Manga. If you have any recommendations for Manga that be great also! ^^

Please leave a comment below, if you would love to chat! Trust me, i don't bite unless your real delicious bacon of course.

Favorite Anime Opening

Favorite Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Least Favorite Genre(s): Romance, Fantasy,

 I rate my Anime list kinda of Crazy but i do it on how i feel about the Anime. For the Genre(s) I would watch any Genre even though it's my least favorite.. I put it in Least favorite because i'm not really a fan of It.

I would love to get to know you! So comment below. ;)

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phoniefly Aug 5, 2014

hey how have you been you haven't been on in a while you need to come back and tell me how things are?

phoniefly Jun 28, 2014

it is all good i hope you had fun on your vacation.

phoniefly Jun 22, 2014

Hey i wanted to let you know i got the Death Note review done and up. If you want to read it.

phoniefly Jun 20, 2014

lol i like dub a whole lot more