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funtoo2 says...

And I just noticed that you've got 5 days on me, of hours of anime watched. lol.

Sep 5, 2010
funtoo2 says...

So have you gone back to school? I haven't. I start this coming Tuesday. Ugh...like I want school to come because of my friends, but I don't want it because of all the homework and waking up early. So how've you been?

Sep 5, 2010
funtoo2 says...

Ha. Screwed around. Wow. Well I've been super busy. I went to summer school (for extra credit), Otakon, worked, Disney World, Universal Studios, and more. I'm so tired, I actually need a vacation, like summer vacation still hasn't started for me, and it's already almost over...ugh...

Aug 9, 2010
funtoo2 says...

An anime encoder? So what exactly do you do? And for which anime site? And now that exams are finished, it's basically summer! Yay! Just one more day of real school, and that's next Thursday!! So do you have any other plans for the summer? Or are you just working?

Jun 4, 2010
funtoo2 says...

Well I've already got my summer job, but I'm just waiting until I official get my assignment and school ends. Tomorrow is my last day of exams, then next week is the last week! Yay! And animeseed.com? I'll check it out. Thanks! So has anything new happened in life with you? Me? Um....just been super tired from staying up late cramming. Oh, but Monday I'm going to Six Flags with my grade. Can't wait!

Jun 3, 2010