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If anyone actually cares then heres some info about me

My top 20 shows would probably half to be (in no real order)


-Lucky Star

-The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

-Angel Beats

-Elfen Lied

-Clannad (with after story of corse)

-Azumanga Daioh

-Baka And Test

-High School Of The Dead



-Full Metal Panic FUMOFFU


-Seitokai no Ichizon

-Seitokai Yakuindomo

-Bleach (If you get rid of the stupid filler episodes)

-Dragon Ball Z

-History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

-Ghost Stories

-Senki Zesshou Symphogear

(I had to limit my self or the list would be about 35 and thats way to much)

And My Least favorite (or ones I couldn't watch because they were to boring are)

-Darker Then Black - Kuro no Keiyakusha (also watched all the way through)

-Gunslinger Girl (Watehed First 3 episodes and plan on watching the rest latter)

-Dokkoida?! (watched whole thing)

-Moeyo Ken tv (watch whole thing)

-Prince Of Tenis (watched 4 episodes and plan on watching the rest latter)

-Wild Striker (I watched about 6-7 episodes I can't remember would watch again if have time)

-Oh! edo rocket (watch whole thing (worst ending ever!))

-Shigurui   (I hate shows that don't have a real ending and make me want to stop watching anime and no other show in my whole life has made me want to stop watching anime more then this show it's just stupid and a wast of time. All i wanted to do was watch a samurai fight between a blind man and a one armed man but it never even showed it.)

So if you actually want to know more or discus any thing leave me a message or add me as a friend. I go on here every day when I get home.

My rating system (note there is no such thing as a bad or perfect anime if i give it a low grade its becouse i didn't enjoy it and if it has a high one i coulden't see any real flaws that would harm it in any way)

0.5 Means i didn't like it overall at all

1.0-1.5  means i didn't like it but it still had its moments that were ok

2.0-2.5 the show in generall was entertaining but it wasent a good show not recamendable

3.0-3.5 the show was average nothing made it stand out but nothing really held it back it could have been way better

4.0 its a great show but screwed things up like not explaining enough or to many episodes that don't make sence

4.5 they made one or two mistakes from makeing it a wonderfull show normally the ending or how a charictor dies

5 this show is a show i wouldent change it even if you payed me to it is as good as it could posibbally get in my opinion

My favorite genres are... ALL OF THEM!!! but my favorite favorites would be the three listed as my favorite (they change allot)

Worst day of my life so far

i cut open my lip, the poster i wanted sold out the day i went to go get it, and my ps3 wont take in discs (im at the very end of final fantasy 13 i just preordered part 2, i have about 10 other games i still need to play and its not under warenty anymore)and i cant aford a new one right now 1/12/2012

PS. I'm actually kinda nice unless your not open minded then I will beat you to death with an overlly spiky club.. Bring you back to life and then kill you a million more times all while laffing and asking you how did it feal.

ad me on psn if you want! I play alot of rockband fyi

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8MangaMan Jan 20, 2012

Lol, well for what I'm watching now, I think its obvious from my profile but One Piece, Gintama, and Beelzebub.  I'm also watching A BUNCH of this seasons new anime.  The ones i REALLY enjoy are Daily Lives of High School Boys ( a GREAT Comedy about highschool boys), Inu x Boku SS( A really CUTE story about a master and her servent), Rinne no Lagrange (A very weird all over the place anime, but i enjoy it), Brave10 (An AWESOME action anime during the Sengoku period), and Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! ( A even CUTER story about an Uncle and his 3 neices).  I would reccomend Inu x Boku SS and Papa no iu koto o Kikinasai! to you, as seeing as there cute and happy anime, and you like happy anime.  I'm also watching Nurarihyon no Mago which Nurarihyon19 reccomended to me. 

For what I plan on watching next, I plan on continuing Fairy Tail and in May, one of my favorite Manga's (Medaka Box) get's an anime so I'll be watching that!

What about you!?  I repeat the same question you asked me!

Nurarihyon19 Jan 20, 2012

oh no do i really seem like a monster :O and here i was trying me best to just be friendly haha

im sorry for bringing it up if it makes you sad, i'd rather you were happy so i'll try steer the conversation in that direction.. what show have you been watching to cheer you up?

hmm i've got a whole bunch of shows on the go at the moment recently i've been remembering old shows that ive watched like blu dragon and medabots, but there is a bunch of other shows that i've started watching too. have you ever seen ichigo 100% i think you might like it. and probably a bit more amamagiSS i think you'd like that a fair bit.

someone was knocking on the door of my flat a little while ago and i went to see who it was and as i've been out im still a little tipsy so i forgot my key and got locked out, so i had to wake my flatmate up at like 5 in the morning i feel so bad :(

8MangaMan Jan 18, 2012

Well, that does seem the smart choice, as long as they're trustworthy of course. Will they only charge you if they do fix it?  Maybe we should change subject off of your broken PS3, it's kinda making me feel like it's making you more depressed :(

Nurarihyon19 Jan 18, 2012

hey there tsukiumi, hows things? you sorted out your ps3 problem yet, doesnt sound like its going too well :(

i see you are getting on with 8mangaman, he's pretty nice right? glad to see you two have gotten aquainted as you two are probably the two people i talk to the most on AP haha :)

8MangaMan Jan 18, 2012

Geez, I'm sorry to heat that.  I would lose my mind if that happened to me!  I really hope you find someway out of that problem!