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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

14 JUN

Yeah, I have to say this is my favourite anime afterall so... :)

Okay, first


The story was awesome. I can't imagine a better story at this cathegory. It' has a lot of action, a bit drama a whisper of romantice and etc. And the best in this story: The end is really good. At the anime's world the good end is rare. Because they don't know how to contiue or end a story sometimes. 10/10


Yes, this part is a bit hard caue when I first saw this drawing, I just laughed and asked: Omg what is this? A korean anime or what?---because its really looked like that back then. But when I watched more episodes and this anime again and again I have to say: This drawing really fits this anime. 9/10


The songs were cool. The opening is excellent. Its a typical type of "two answer OP/ED" You love it or hate. (It is for you to decide-Enma Ai (xDD) ) The first ending was a bit sad and lonely and etc. The OST was cool, its fits the anime. 9/10


I don't have much to say. I love them, especially Sunako Nakahara. (She is my twin sister btw, she has the same personality as mine) The "bishounens" were really cool with that drawing, they always pulled out her from the problems. I love them. Really daisuki <3 10/10


10/10 Cool, funny, romantical a bit, watch it if you interested :))


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Tsukiame avatar Tsukiame
Jun 15, 2012

well, if you I can imagine her chamber you can love it. As I said, its a two side anime. you love or hate it. And yes, the story was perfect. watch an other romantice anime and you will see the differences between the characters and the story. you can realise that it isn't the same.

roriconfan avatar roriconfan
Jun 14, 2012

The story was perfect you say??? It was mostly episodic, had absolutely no progress, and ended openly.

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