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Fall 2011 Anime: I Think I'm Gonna Like This!


 (Because everyone totally cares, right?)

I haven't been keeping up with this summer's latest animes. Actually, I don't even care that I haven't. Very few of the releases seemed like they would appeal to me. And I might be wrong - I should check some of them out, I know. but I'm not in any rush to do so.

For me, when I saw the the release chart for this summer, it was a disappointment. It's just a personal reaction - I'm sure a lot of people were thrilled. But the thing is, I hadn't seen a lot of the shows that were getting second seasons. And I wasn't really up for sitting through the first seasons just to watch the next ones; I kinda wanted something I was able to jump right into. I'm not a huge fan of ecchi, so that rules out a lot of stuff, and a lot of the non-ecchi cutesy loli titles didn't look like they'd appeal to me, so again, bunch of stuff ruled out. I finally decided that I'd like to see Kamisama Dolls, No. 6, and Sacred Seven. And the lastest Hellsing OVA, but that's a no-brainer for me. I'll probably wind up checking all of this stuff out in the fall, once school starts so that when I take breaks from 'doing my homework' I'll have something to watch.

Around the same time I saw the summer release chart, I also saw the fall release chart. And to me, that one looked significantly better. I'm probably among the minority who thinks that, but there is some genuine potential here.

For starters, there's a Future Diary anime coming out. I have mixed feelings about this, but that's mostly because I really wanted to read the whole manga. But then Tokyopop shut down and as they say, there goes that. The prices of the existing volumes are gonna skyrocket, so I have no hope of being able to complete my collection unless someone else picks up the license and does a re-release. Maybe a few omnibus prints? That'd work well for me. Plus I'd like to know what happens in the final volume. But back to the anime: I think this could be good. It's a great manga (and a complete one, which is always a plus. No half-assed endings!), so as long as the studio follows it, I don't see where things could go wrong. I guess they could hire really annoying voice actor/esses, but I doubt even that can mess it up too badly. The Future Diary anime (called Mirai Nikki) is something I'm looking forward to.

So already there's something I wanna watch. I didn't have to go sifting through numerous titles that I wasn't even gonna pretend I wanted to see. Things are looking up!

And the next thing that caught my eye was Un-Go. I still know nothing about that anime, but the artwork, while generic, for some reason looks familiar to me (in a good way). Apparently it is based off something in the Aoi Bungaku series, which is something that I've been meaning to see. This could be promising. (Ignore the total hypocrisy of my starting out with, 'I don't wanna sit through the first season just to watch the current one!' and winding up at, 'I think I'll check out the first series so that I can see the second one.')

I believe that I've heard of the Guilty Crown manga, and the anime seems like it could be pretty good. At very least, the concept is interesting. And in that same vein, there's Coppelion, which, if the banner for it is to be trusted, looks like it'll have some pretty good animation. And not to mention the story sounds at least good. I'll give it a couple of weeks and see what other people are saying. If most of the reviews are positive, I think I'll watch that.

And then there's Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle. As someone who enjoyed Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, I think this looks like it could be great. The concept will probably have just enough similarity to the aforementioned series to appeal to those fans, and if the summary is correct, it will be different enough not to be a complete knock-off. Of course, it could go either way. I've seen the second promo video, and let me tell you: I could not understand more than two words, but the music was actually kinda catchy. The whole things looks to be a humourous and entertaining watch. Honestly, I'm looking forwards to it. And in case anyone else feels the same, http://www9.nhk.or.jp/anime/phibrain/, this is the link to the video. It's about halfway down the page on the left side. You should see a big neon arrow. Click it, and your video ought to start shortly.

So all in all, I think I'm going to enjoy the fall lineup much more than the summer one. There are a lot of things here that I'm looking forwards to seeing. And who knows, while I'm in a good mood from all of these upcoming anime goodies, maybe I'll even check out all the current titles that I've missed out on.


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