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About Me:

Konnichwa!! Im amy a 14yr old girl living in canada. I like canada cause its a free country and it so beautiful. My favorite thing in the whole world are Wolfs and Anime. If there was a wolf in danger i would put my life on the line to save it even if it bites my hand off. hehe :) I aint a girly girl mostly a tom boy i love to hunt,fish and explore the woods. I have a dog named kiba and together we watch a full moon n run throught fields and wreastle ing the grass i love him so much.

My Dislikes: Bullying,fighting,war,drugs,rap music and people who kill animals for their fur.

Things I LIke: Wolves,anime,nature,full moon,blood,school,my friends,watching animals,hunting, fishing all that outdoor stuff,vollyball,track n field and Kiba.

My Dreams: Become a biologist and study wolves and protest that u cant kill animals for their fur.

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wolfangel87 Jul 13, 2009

Haven't heard from you in a while!!!  How have you been?

IchiNaru Jul 11, 2009

Hey ! Nice avatar you have and a neat anime list to !

//zR0 !

CattyKatty Jun 21, 2008

Wolves... beautiful creatures that run wild within the frozen trundra. Greoges to look at but some are dangerous to be around. Hi ! Nice profile.. very interesting.

loverofanime Apr 26, 2008

hey, whats up? i havent talked to anyone in a long time, i thought that i'd see whats new with you xD

sasnin14 Jan 31, 2008

lol, ok.

A lot of ppl talk about crunchyroll, but I like this one site better (plz check it out, and if you do come, come to the forum) well, in this site, you can watch anime online, they have a lot, but let's say you have heard about this one anime, and you want to see it, the only thing you would have to do (you'll have to register) is just request it, and as soon veoh or anything else gets it first, you'll start watching your anime!! =D ya, it's really cool, sometimes I want to start watching some anime, but the forum is soo fun, i don't even feel like watching anime haha. oh lol, i almost forgot to link it >.> here it is oh ya, and if you go to the forum i'm sasnin14 there too ^^