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Yes, I am another one of those crazy fangirls who can hardly hold in her squeeing and often goes into spurts of obsession with certain pairings. However, there’s a lot more to me so let’s not leave it at that.

When I was a kid, I adored Sailor Moon, though I didn’t really differentiate it from any other cartoon. Later, I started watching Inuyasha and my discovery of anime immediately turned into love. Thank gosh for the internet.

I am a college student majoring in Animal Science. Online roleplaying is my number one hobby, though I also watch anime and play video games. Hobby-time often happens while I'm procrastinating on homework or other important things. And, while I can be social and adventurous, I often spend nights independently indulging my geeky side.

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xXYoruichiXx Nov 30, 2007

Hehe...penguins rock! XD 

Well, I watched all of it except for the last episode. It was about 4 am and I was coming up on the last episode and feel asleep. Next thing I know, I'm waking up and it's over. :(  I'm going to watch it tonight though. I can't wait to see the end. I imagine though once I'm done I'm going to want to get the manga. :)

From what I've seen so far though, it's just such a beautiful story all together. I really liked the female Zeros. Their story and bond that they had together was very touching. But anyway..

Glad I'm not annoying you. :D I don't know a whole lot of people on here either and it's always fun to make new friends with the same interests. I didn't think I'd like shounen-ai as much as I do. Maybe I'll try out some shoujo-ai next.. :)

xXYoruichiXx Nov 29, 2007

Oh how could I have forgotten the banana outfit?  It was so cute and made him waddle like a penguin when he walked. :D

I just started Loveless, only seen the first four episodes so far. I'm going to try to finish it within the next couple of days. I'm a little confused so far because they haven't explained very much. But, I guess that's the point, you learn things as Ritsuka learns them. And it doesn't hurt that all the characters I've seen so far are really cute...especially Soubi. :P

Hope I'm not annoying you with these comments. ^_^

xXYoruichiXx Nov 27, 2007

I think you could definitely win :) I loved the one you did for the shoujo theme. It captured the theme perfectly.

And yeah, you're right. Shuichi being obnoxious was kind of a big part of plot. All of his little costumes were cute though. I liked when he was dressed like a bag of luggage and tried to fly to NY without a passport. :P

I'll let you know about Loveless and Sukisho. :)

xXYoruichiXx Nov 26, 2007

No need to apologize, I left that message too close to the deadline anyway. I'm sure you'll come up with something great for the fantasy theme. :)

I just finished Gravitation over the weekend. I did end up liking it a lot, but I found Shuichi annoying sometimes as well. I just kept thinking that maybe if he wasn't so over the top emotional all the time that Yuki wouldn't have pushed him away as often. The ending was kind of nice though. ^_^

I plan to start Loveless tomorrow. The plot seems really interesting and if the character development is good as well, I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

I had thought about starting Sukisho, but just wasn't sure. I'll definitely start it soon though. Thanks.

xXYoruichiXx Nov 23, 2007


I just wanted to drop by because I know that you make amazing signatures and I saw that you entered the shoujo signature contest, so I thought you might be interested in this week's contest. The theme is shounen. Anyway, I hope you can enter. You can find info about this weeks contest here! :)

Ohhh..and I wanted to ask you something.. I just started Gravitation, my first shounen-ai.  I like it so far; I'm only up to like episode 4.  I was wondering if you could recommend anymore I may like? I was thinking about trying Loveless (I see it's your number one so it must be good :P ), but I dunno.