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Tamako Market

May 20, 2013

This review contains no spoilers.

Story [8/10]

Cute. It was relaxed, charming, often funny, and occasionally emotional. They kept everything light and enjoyable. Even when the series touched on heavier topics, it was done in a way that brought no negativity upon the viewer, but was endearing instead. The concept was nothing special, but it had enough uniqueness and was executed in a way that made it interesting and fun to watch.

Vibe: Animation + Sound [7/10]

Simple and suitable for the show. The animation was cute and colorful. They managed to incorporate the music as a part of the storyline itself, which was cool. A lot of the time the characters were listening to or knew of the songs being played, which had an interesting variety. The opening was a good representative for the fun, energetic series while the ending was more mature and artistic, and yet still perfect for the charm of the show.

Characters [7/10]

The characters were fun to watch. Even though most didn’t have any back-story, it was easy to feel like you knew their personalities well. Tamako, the main character, is just lovely. She’s so simple and yet it was easy to fall in love with her. I feel that there was some room for a bit more character expansion, mostly for Tamako’s friends, but the way they cleverly and subtly provided some history on Tamako and her family was informative, yet not overbearing or distracting. I was hoping for a bit more regarding certain relationships between characters, and there was one that I didn’t feel very clear about.

Overall [7.5/10]

If you can sit back, take a breath, and appreciate a feel-good series that makes you smile, Tamako Market is a great choice. After finishing an episode or two, I always felt more positive, friendly, and like I wanted to go give someone a hug and tell them nice things.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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