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¿BIO?--- Mmmm, I'm a man... what else??? I like anime, :P , I don't consider myself to be a heavy watcher since I don't really spend much time watching (this could be debates material)...I entered the anime world around 1 yr ago (ends of 2006) thank to a really "into anime" person, a friend of mine from college. I'm a Roman & Greek History lover!, actually any kind of history is pretty good, specially if it has some war/battles on it!... actually i think that things I love the most are those that have a good war story involved.

I'm about to end my career in industrial engineering, so if there's any process you'd want to improve I'm your man :P . It's been quite a while since I last got drunk, I think I'm over it, I don't smoke, never did actually... I have a PS2 I don't really use no more (seems like my life is full of things in disuse), I use as my personal vehicle a jetta 2002 and I love it so much, I own 2 sony vaio laptops which I love almost I love my anime/movies/series collection. I have 3 cats back home (they were only 2, but then, they had some "chaka - chaka" and made more kitties) which used to be 6 but mom is good at giving cats away ( I love cats over any other pet)

...Mmmm... I was about to cry with 5cm per second.

My favorites:

movie: Gladiator

game: RTW, Battlefield 1942

book: what would it be?, I've read some, but i guess I'll pick Sophia's world, guess that'll be the translation from my language, it's about the phylosophy history as well.

Music: I'm a pop-punk, punk-*insert here punk variation name*, but mostly pop punk, powerpop, 80´s rock, I like electronic/dance/disco music as well, not much into the barking heavy kinds of music >.<. Fav bands? New Found Glory, Starting Line, Hedley, Paramore, Better Luck Next Time, Relient K, Stereo Skyline, NoTimeFor, Melody Fall, Yellowcard, Simple Plan and so many more :P (to think as a kid I started with Queen, Bon Jovi and some spanish speaking bands O.o I'm a spanish speaker BTW :p)

About my "looks" my nick, TRONOS is the name of one of the levels in the angels hierarchy and my avatar is the modified version of the roman sign carried in the legion's shields, the main sign, was that which practically represented rome before the empire showing SPQR (Senatus Populusque Romanus)... I have a good humour, sometimes more than most people may be able to take XD.

By the way, I'm 21 i was born in 1986 but I really don't like to have it in the B-place, I'm weird like that >.<

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wolfangel87 Jul 15, 2009

You shouldn't feel dumb at all, that was an easy mistake to make!  :)

wolfangel87 Jul 15, 2009

Hmmmm I think you are talking about the Santa Cruz slug.  They are big yellowish worms that are slimy, hehe.

wolfangel87 Jul 14, 2009

Actually I graduated from Santa Clara University, close to San Jose though.  ^_^

Hmmmm visiting . . . depends on what type of things you would like to see:

beach: santa cruz

city: San Fran

wolfangel87 Jul 14, 2009

I have been really busy of late and was just trying to get back on the site and connect with come people that I seemed to have left behind.  It hardly seems like it has been two whole years, boy the time flies. I just graduated from college and am currently looking for a job to fulfil some finacial needs (aka rent and food) that I have.  I do want to start getting back into watching anime, I have been greatly deprived of it these past months!  *sigh*

Unfortuently I was not able to go to the anime con but I really wanted too, maybe the next one!  ^_^

wolfangel87 Jul 13, 2009

Haven't heard from you in a while!!!  How have you been?