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I don't rate shows, as I'm not found of arbitrary numbers. One person might view 7/10 to be average and thus rate a show they found to be mediocre that verry same rating. However, another person might veiw 5/10 as beng average and 7/10 as being pretty good. so there's already a disconnect there, the same number means completely different things for two people.

And then there's the fact that a number is just a conclusion, it doesn't cover why the person did or didn't like it, what the person's stadards were or if it's something you would enjoy. If you wish to know what I thought of a show, ask. Use your words fool!

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LeonaRose avatar LeonaRose


Mar 11, 2012

Aha, I think I might've found something new-to-you we could sync! :3


It's a 24-episode adventure / comedy / fantasy series, which, based on what you showed me, has a very similar feel to Slayers. (In fact, Slayers is the very first reccomendation on that page. XD) It is also on Youtube, dubbed, but not by Funimation, so there shouldn't be any issues with your country being blocked. Personally, I have watched the series before - and in fact actually own the DVD - but I thought it was pretty fun, so I wouldn't mind re-watching it with you if you're interested. :)

LeonaRose avatar LeonaRose

You Rock!

Jan 28, 2012

Two things: congrats on your shiny new badge, and curse you for <3ing Sakamoto before I did. XD

LeonaRose avatar LeonaRose


Dec 7, 2011

I just added Nichijou TV to my to-watch list, only to find on my feed page that you had just done so yourself recently! Seriously, we've got some bizarre, transcontinental mind link going on here. XD

LeonaRose avatar LeonaRose


Nov 24, 2011

Yup! I watched it while it was airing. I take it you're enjoying it? :3

LeonaRose avatar LeonaRose

Great Anime List!

Nov 23, 2011

I see you have begun watching Usagi Drop! I support this decision. :3

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