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Strike Witches... MAHO!!!

17 APR

So I finished watching Strike Witches and Strike Witches 2.  Basically, it's pantless girls flying around in the sky with big guns.  I know, I know, very cliche, but it actually is put together in a way that works.  While there are many things that it leaves you wondering (like what the hell is that [SPOILER]humanoid Neuroi[SPOILER]...), it does have a lot of good scenes.  Also, the characters certainly have different personalities that play out nicely against each other.  I will say that I enjoyed the first season more than the second, but both were superb.  Now I'm just waiting on the movie to come out.  Oh yeah, Strike Witches Season 1 is on Netflix, so I might rewatch it on the widescreen TV with Netflix on the Wii! (^.^)

I also finished Magical Pokaan.  It was really good and funny.  Kinda reminded me of my Lucky Star days.  The whole set up is amusing, though the fact that they are all princesses never really came up much...  If you liked Lucky Star, I highly recommed this anime!

Now I'm watching Pani Poni Dash! and I can't stop laughing!!!  It's like Azumanga Daioh, and the two share a lot of characteristics.  Don't worry, they're different enough to not be the same show, but the what-the-f*** style of comedy is always there.  The show is hard to explain for much of the same reason Azumanga Daioh is, so just watch it and enjoy!


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