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 So many cool names to choose from and I chose my real name for this site :/

 Whatever Pleases you

People Call Me Shy and I guess I am a little bit... but if you get to know me I can be quite out-going!

My Favourite Anime is Yuyushiki... no really it is... you think I'm lying pfft as if haha
I believe in equivalent exchange, ♫♪ so what that means is I will treat you the way you treat me, but with all the love I have received from you I can't think possibly of a way to repay you so all I can do for now is say Thank You...

(I have kinda always used that bio I dont really see why I should change it now)

Anime to me is kind of a private thing I don't really know how to explain it but certain people can put me off from watching something I am really enjoying simply by talking about it near me (an example of this would be Sword Art Online , I loved the show but hearing these kids talking about it really pissed me off) is that weird?) And It's kind of the same thing with people saying how they want to go to Japan or learn Japanese so they can watch Anime without subtitles

There is so much more to Japan! the Anime is Great sure, But the culture and the people are truely beautiful

If any of that makes sense please let me know because I have no idea...

all I really know is that for now I have come to the conclusion that I am a hypocrite. and I don't mind because although I dislike hearing kids talk about anime I love finding out how people online got into Anime what their favourite Anime is, I love meeting new poeple that are open about the anime they love and even hate! I'm weird right? 

Although I don't watch as much Anime as I would like to think I do. I am always on the look out for more! exploring! finding an Interesting Anime or Movie Is almost more exciting than actualy watching it.

Now I have done it you think I'm crazy don't you



Two of my absolute favourite gifs at the moment (probably because i just watched the movie but still) I saw both of these gifs before watching the movie they ment nothing to me then but after I watched the movie the second one gave me goosebumps

when it comes to music i really enjoy almost anything, but of course i go though phases where i like some things more than others at the moment i am listening to alot of Arcade Fire ♫♪ OH and please if you watch Patema Inverted or Sakasama no Patema as it's called in Japanese I highly reccomend listening to - Wake Up - by Arcade Fire while the credits roll or something. if I was talented enough I would make an AMV of this movie with that song it would be difficult but I think I might give it a try some day!

and if your looking for quotes check out i dont really use it but i have been on the site once or twice

Yui Ichii
Yuno Gasai
Mashiro Shiina
Mikasa Ackerman Patema


Leave a messege if you read my entire bio please!

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kaelja says...

Oh btw cool that you're going to japan! :D How did you manage that?

Also kingdra is also weak to fairy -_-' my bad

Jul 31, 2015
kaelja says...

Yo ^^

glad it helped :D

I'll reply the questions real quick:


Talonflame sucks to have as an enemy because all flying type attacks become as fast as moves like quick attack (speed priority). Since you're not outspeeding him you can either try to tank his attacks with pokes that resist flying and fire attacks (rock types are best for this) Now talonflame has a big weakness for rock type attacks. The entry hazard stealth rocks can bring him down to 51% since he's 4 x weak to rocks. You could also use a pokémon that's faster that lures out fire attacks since they don't become faster. (Electric type pokémons resist flying and can do super effective damage on talonflame, plus they're often very fast like Mega Manectric and Jolteon) Another way you can get rid of talonflames pretty easily is abusing the recoil damage he gets from Brave Bird and flare blitz. (F.e. let a garchomp with rough skin ability and rocky helmet item take the hit and talonflame will die from recoil and contact damage)

Rotom wash:

Rotom-wash is an ass. This guy usually packs Hydro Pump, Volt Switch, Will-o-Wisp, Trick/Pain split (depending on if he's attacky or tanky w/ respectively choice scarf or leftovers) What you need to be extra careful for are 2 things: DO NOT let Rotom trick his choice scarf on one of your tanky slow pokémon. They become nearly useless if that happens (Switching in mega pokémon counters this since they can't switch items) and second and most important: DO NOT let him will-o-wisp your non physical attackers that aren't fire type!!

His typing only makes him weak to grass attacks. So considering a grass type in your team in OU is not a bad idea. But, there are other ways: Like I said your physical attackers have the chance to get burned by him and that halves their Attack stat. Switching in a special attacker is an option, because they keep attacking with the same power. BUT, pokémon with the ability Guts get their attack stat doubled if they get a status ailment, so getting burned keeps their attack stat the same. My favorite way to catch Rotom Wash users of guard? Using a pokémon with Mold Breaker. This ability lets attacks hit even if pokémon have an ability that would usually make them immune to a move. So with mold breaker in effect, Rotom gains a new weakness: Ground! My special tactic: Send in a Gyarados and make it seem as if he isn't mega; Your opponent will think ok Water+Flying, time to attack with electric! Rotom wash gets switched in ready to volt switch, but I dragon dance. Then I let Gyarados mega evolve and he gains the ability mold breaker. Since I'm faster with dragon dance and my attack is raised, his earthquake almost always takes out the rotoms EZ. ^^


I'm assuming you're having trouble with the mega. Honestly, mega kangaskhan is easy to counter. After mega evolving he gets to attack you twice every time. First with full damage, and second with half the damage. One important thing to keep in mind with kangaskhans: They're always physical! So stopping this guy means burning this guy! What pokémons are best at burning? Fire types and Ghost types because of Will-o-Wisp. Now a ghost type is the best way to counter this fella, because they are immune to both his STAB (fake out and return) and his set-up attack (power-up-punch, since it raises attack twice in one turn). Now be careful with attacking Kangaskhan with ghosts, since his third common attack is Sucker Punch, which is a speed priority Dark-type attack that hits pokémon that are about to attack with a damaging move. SO: Switch in a ghost (preferably one with levitate, since they usually have that as 4th move) Don't attack him, but will-o-wisp him. Sucker Punch won't harm you when doing this and you will half this guys damage. BEWARE: A smart Kangaskhan user waits for the opponent to switch in a ghost, but doesn't mega evolve Kanga just yet. Non-mega Kanga learns the ability Scrappy, which lets him hit ghosts types... Futhermore you can use bulky Fighting types, to win the standoff by drain punching. A good fire type to use is Arcanine, since he gets the intimidate ability, which already lowers Kanga's attack before you've even burned him with him, plus he learns close combat, and extremespeed (the quick attack of all quick attacks, so faster than sucker punch)

So uhm yeah, these are my thoughts on countering those :P

Actually, STAB was introduced from te beginning! It surprised me as well!!

Oooh Azumarill is one of your favs? This is one of the terrors of OU because of its ability: Huge Power: Which doubles his attack. Combine this with belly drum and a sitrus berry and this guy can aqua jet everything to hell XD

Kingdra. Hard to pull off. Has a perfect typing, which only makes him weak to dragon :D You can either use swift swimmer Kingra for teams that use the rain. Or you can try Sniper Kingdra, by giving him Focus energy. If he scores a critical hit it's pretty much over for your opponent. Ooooor you could always make him dragon dance and attack ^^

Whimsiscott! Prankster asshole XD He's so fast it's not even funny. I'm scared of this guy. Leech seed, Substitute, Protect/U-turn, Moonblast -_- Ewwwwww I already shiver at the thought.

Arcanine! I only recently found out how awesome this guy is! He's in a lot of UU teams of mine. He's both a tank and a destroyer B)

Sure, leave me a comment whenever you want to battle, or say it on skype if you have that (bigger chance you catch me in realtime) And also, I'm not that good xD I usually lose because I'm experimenting too much.

Jul 30, 2015
kaelja says...

"Just a sec" He said ><

Ok here goes:

How to play competitive


You should make an account on Pokémon Showdown! Either play it online or play it on your browser. Showdown saves you the time of making them in the game itself, and you only play against people who are forced to play by the rules, which are pretty reasonable and you'll get used to them :)


Smogon examines the use of all the pokémons ever created, and they are divided into tiers based on potential and amount of uses. Lower tiers mean less pokémon allowed to be used.

  • AG (Anything Goes) tier, is a tier where any pokémon is allowed to be used. There also aren't any rules so you can play all out with the most overpowered pokémon and terrible tactics. I believe this is the only tier where Mega Rayquaza is allowed since that guy is just way too strong. Beware of very annoying players using almost incounterable tactics.
  • Uber tier, is a tier where every pokémon is allowed to be used as well, just not Mega Rayquaza. This tier is basically for people who want to use the strong legendary pokémons in their teams. Not every "Uber" Pokémon is legendary (like or ) The battles can be very fast there, since every poke is a complete powerhouse and usually one-shots another.
  • OU (Overused) tier, is the main battling tier. The overpowered legendary pokémon are filtered out of this tier and are onl available in Uber. Pokémons like this guy or this guy and this guy live here. The downside of this tier is.. People usually all use the same tactics and some pokémon are so common here that it gets boring after a while.. At least for me it did.
  • UU (Underused) tier, my favorite tier, the tier with still plenty of pokémon to use, but people are usually very creative here instead of the same old same old stuff that happens in OU.  Imagine pokes like
  • RU (Rarelyused), is also a pretty fun tier. Not fully evolved pokémon can make a difference here fairly well. The amount of pokes you can use starts to get noticably smaller here though..
  • NU (Neverused), is the lowest tier of the big tiers. This is basically the residual pokémons left. The pokémon in this tier are a few of my favorites so it's quite fun to try still.


The tiers I just told you about have a few rules to keep the game fair and fun. You can play pokémon like you're used to, but there are a few rules that you might encounter when just starting:


Species Clause

A player cannot have two Pokemon with the same National Pokédex number on a team.

  • For example, using a team with two Koffing would break this clause.
  • Using different formes on the same team, such as Rotom-W and Rotom-C, also breaks the clause since they share the same Pokédex number (#479).

Sleep Clause

If a player has already put a Pokemon on his/her opponent's side to sleep and it is still sleeping, another one can't be put to sleep.

Evasion Clause

A Pokemon may not have either Double Team or Minimize in its moveset.

Swagger Clause

Players cannot use the move Swagger.



Now onto the fun part!

Most pokémon players know how to play with types, and know that it is important to use different pokémon so you can use different types of moves and block different types of attacks. Building your team is completely up to you however, and there are so many different ways to do this. Here are a few things that are important for building a team that will survive in the competitive world:

Don't forget defending! Your pokémon can be damaged in multiple ways. Attack (physical), for which you should use at least one pokémon with decent Defense to counter this; Special Attack, for which you should at least one pokémon with Special Defense to counter this; Burn and Poison and Badly Poisoned, which can be helped by switching in to pokémon that are immune for this (fire, poison, steel) or have a pokémon to heal status problems with a move (heal bell, aromatherapy)

Build Cores! A core is basically two or more pokémon having a shared strategy. This could work offensively or defensively.

A common offensive core: Jolteon and Gyarados. Jolteon's only weakness is ground, but gyarados has the flying type, so it can be switched in on the incoming ground type attacks. If someone decides to attack Gyarados with a electric type attack, Jolteon can be switched in, to absorb the damage with his ability Volt Absorb. Jolteon uses a wide array of special attacks, Gyarados of physical attacks ^^

A common defensive core: Heatran and Mega Venusaur. Heatran has a great type combination Steel/Fire, which makes ground, fight and water his only weaknesses. Because of his ability, he's also immune to fire. Venusaur can take all of heatrans weaknesses and vice versa. (I really hate it when people use this combo btw, that's why I never play OU anymore)

A way I always think is fun, is building your team around one pokémon you really want to use. He's like your team's "mascot" and then you try to make a functioning team around him. I got this idea from this guy: (He's a little hyperactive, but he shares every though behind his team building)

Some other stuff

Moves like Spikes, Stealth Rocks or Sticky Web are very common in competitive battles, so think about doing this yourself, or counter it by using pokémon with moves like Rapid Spin or Defog.

Get to know items. There are a lot of items that are meant to be used in competitive matches. A few important ones:

  • Focus Sash - Let's your pokémon survive a hit that would have killed them at full HP.
  • Leftovers - Heals 6% of your HP each turn (give this to your defensive pokémons)
  • Choice Band, Specs or Scarf (Let's your pokémon use only one move after being switched in. Band boosts Attack, Specs boosts Special Attack, Scarf boosts Speed)
  • Life Orb - Boosts all your damage dealing attack, but takes 10% of your health afterwards
  • Sitrus Berry - Restores 25% of your health when your health gets below 50%
  • Lum Berry - Cures your Pokémon from a status effect
  • Expert Belt - Boosts the damage of super-effective moves (Useful for pokémons with lots of different types of attacks)
  • Assault Vest - Boosts the pokémon's special defense, but only allows the weared to use attacks (so no healing or toxicing etc.)

Bringing a pokémon with the move Knock Off is always very helpful, since it removes items from opponents.

Bringing a (few) pokémon with the moves U-Turn or Volt Switch can help you get the upper hand on your opponent, since they let you switch out your pokémon after that move. Useful for when you predict your opponent to switch out himself.

Bringing a pokémon with speed priority attacks (moves like quick attack, mach punch, sucker punch, extremespeed etc.) are very helpful since those moves outspeed pokémons in crucial moments.

Setting up (raising your stats, like using dragon dance for +attack, +speed) is very common in competitive play. Make sure you have something to counter this. Forcing pokémon to switch is crucial here, so moves like whirlwind or roar are helpful. You can also try to poison or burn pokémon that set up, to kill them with damage over time. There are more ways to counter this!

Note: Moves with the same type as the user deal extra damage (STAB - same type attack damage)

I think this should be enough info to go on ^^ (Dayum this took me a long time to type) If you ever wanna battle, add me on skype so we can play! ^^ (It's at the bottom of my profile)

Jul 24, 2015
kaelja says...


Soooorry for not responding in so long. I have been on vacation and working and stuff and I have neglected this site for far too long.

I will leave you the pokémon comment in a sec! ;) Just have to respond to everyone else first :P

Jul 18, 2015
Aniplex says...

Hello and thank you for following!!!!!!!!

i hope we can become friends!!!!!

and your bio was really something!!!!!!!

oh and what were those two movies????

Jun 18, 2015