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STATUS: I'm on holidays, so I'll be a bit more active, but I can't assure immediate replies, even if I'll do everything I can to reply as faster as possible! I'm sorry :c

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«Well, they say the kanji for "people" is two people supporting each other. But did you ever notice one side is leaning on the other? I believe the acceptance of sacrificing someone is the whole idea behind "people".» 






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Trythion says...

Ah I'm glad to hear it c:

In that case, I must ask you about the latest chapter :0 I am so worried for Juvia and Gray :( do you believe that there's a darkness inside of him that Invel can awaken??

Aug 22, 2016
TheDarkestHour says...

Its been a long time, my friend~

Aug 21, 2016
Kitania says...

No, I am actually much better now. I just needed to take some time to rest.

Thank you :)

Aug 21, 2016
shinayda says...

It wasn't that fun..mhmm..Not interested in school -3-.

Hehe ^-^. Yea the anime is okay I like the anime version of Naho and kakeru uts nice :).  Yesh! I just completed that anime kiznaiver It was good hope ya enjoy it!! I like the white hair guurl

Aug 20, 2016
Obsessed says...

Yeah, I agree, the beginning was way better, now things are going pretty calmly, but like it's okay cause Rem is my waifu

oh, I'm reading the manga right now, the chapters are short but there is already almost 200 chapters I think, if they are planning to get an anime adaption for the whole manga then I think they might have enough for four seasons :X

I also read the manga for orange :D, it was so sad man, the anime is pretty good to tho, like I don't really cry since I already know what's coming but it's nice to just sit there and remember the feels

I was thinking about watching Kiznaiver soon, sadly I haven't been watching any anime lately cause tomorrow I'll be starting school already :( I don't wanna get hooked on an anime yet cause I might get distracted

Aug 16, 2016