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dutch\surinamloves weed and alcoholis not to lazy to get a lifejus LOVEZZ anime :P

Well if im talking about myself anyways i might as wel keep talking huh? :P


Wel first of all i love in holland the country of drugs so dont be suprised bye the stuff im about to say :P

im 16 years old and doing MBO(thats like college or sometin not sure :P)

my most favorite stuf to do are:

Hanging out with ma friend

Playing games

and ofcourse watching anime ^^

uuuhm atm im also workin to afford stuf ya know

i work at a american company so maybe u know it its called 'Catterpillar'

at school im doing a education to become a welder

atm from the friends i know from real life are Morbidelf  and  SleepyDudeKik

wel thats all i can think of atm

P,s, gettin up at 4:30 am sux :P

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IchiNaru Jan 23, 2009

Heya. I must say i REALLY like your Top 5 Anime. Its pretty neat love bleach !

wolk Jan 23, 2009

jou top 5 zuigt dude

je moet echt betere anime gaan kijken

noob XD

LovelessGirl Jan 20, 2009

I'm glad that you like it :D

LovelessGirl Jan 20, 2009

I really hope that you'll enjoy being here since we like the same anime :D Memories of Nobody is my fav OVA :D

LovelessGirl Jan 20, 2009

Welcome :D I like meeting new people :D