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Are You Alice?

22 MAR

"Are You Alice" is an interesting manga,at first it looks like based on book ,,Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll, but on the second hand, it is more interpretation, than following of the book. 

   Young boy comes to Wonderland. One of the first thing that he sees is a parade. Wandering through crowd he bumps into the Cheashire Cat, who calls him...Alice and wants him to meet the Queen of Hearts. (Yeah, that's right - the Alice of this manga is a boy.) 

   This manga becomes complicated, when Regret appears and tries to kill Alice, but Mad Hatter saves his life and adventure begins...

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Are You Alice? user review by TragicMaiden

Are You Alice?

overall score: 9/10

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User Review Scores

  • Story 8/10
  • Art 9/10
  • Characters 9/10
  • Overall 9/10

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eleniyo1992 avatar eleniyo1992
May 19, 2011

calm down guys There are only 17 chapters released until now I think no one has a fully opinion yet... but yeah this is what is happening until the 17th chapter

Chendler avatar Chendler
Apr 10, 2011

Well, it kinda is a summary, however you look at it. But hey, he felt to write it, so i guess it is okay, just in wrong text box :D

Kari5 avatar Kari5
Mar 22, 2010

Seems more of a summary of the plot than a review. It doesn't actually say any of your opinions of the manga :p

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