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Kill Me Baby

Apr 10, 2012

Updated on 10-4-2012

First thoughts:

When I started on this anime I had no idea what I was about to embark on.

At first I accually thought that the drawing style was from a little pre-story event....

But those crazy thoughts quickly got replaced with laughter and lolz.


I have to say: 'What a terrible story!'

But luckely for me I love random Animes wich gave me the edge to get started on this horrid story.

So it's about 2 high school girls, one is an idiot and the other an assasin and the plot every episode is basically that the idiot gets a crazy idea and that the assasin starts to hate, but after a few fists to the face (and palms to my face) she starts to get along with it.

I love it now, that's all.



I showed the opening to my friends (Wich is better animated then the series itself) and they proclaimed me for an idiot. Then I showed the ending (with that creepy dance) and they walked away. I still get sighs if I talk about this serie.


Not sure, just needed the 7/10 to get a 6/10 overall

Well the opening song is terrible, the people yelling 'Baby, Please Kill Me!' At the commercials gave me nightmares and don't get me started about the ending (Well, that song was awesome, but with a creepy animation)

The rest of the sound effect were not even bothering.

And finally... I've been waiting for this...... Are you Ready..... I'm not.... Let's just Scroll:

Okay, Okay.... *Sigh* Characters:

--- Yasuna ORIBE: That idiot I've mentioned before, and yes... She really is an idiot.

Knowing her best friend is an assasin she still repeadetly grabs Sonya from behind and almost get's killed.

it doesn't matter is she is Making Shaved ice at school (forgot the ice); Eating 50 popsicles just to get a free one; Falling out of trees; get's hit in the face (Thank you Sonya and many, many idiotic objects) or just get's silly, acting old, or cries she still........ Forgot my point, she is just an idiot.

--- Sonya (No surname): That awesome assasin

Has a LOT of knives, lives on her own, get's mad at everything, but secretly loves Yasuna and her wierd adventures.

She get's attacked by other assasins throughout the series but always wins easily, if Yasuna just wasn't there.

Her only weak point is a paralizing fear of animals, even lizards or puppies.

I love her for acting like she hates everyone, but secretely enjoying and particepating with everything.

--- Agari GOSHIKI: 'Epic'Ninja girl

Whenever they explain anyrhing about her tricks they are cheap ones. But if they don't explain it she's epic, hanging on cielings, teleport, body doubbles.

 Epic chick that shows up whenever she wants, Love it!

--- Unused Character: Random as can be!

Red haired girl that just wants a role in the show, but never get's her chance

Love her moments of retardness


Love it, Hate it, Too Random, That's so funny... These are all reaction i've experienced with this show.

That's why I can honestly say: This is a real guilty pleasure for everyone older than 6 years and 3 months, but if you like random, and I maen random random, You can love this anime despite all it's flaws.

To Conclusion:

Have Fun With Your Life, Your Animanga And Your Friends!

4/10 story
3/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
6/10 overall

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