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It has been sooooo long :O

28 NOV

I'm almost a little confused after all this time. Normally i was pretty summed up with all the new animes comming out, but i guess i have lost the touch after my break. can someone please send me a list or at least recommend some of the animes released within the last two years, i will be very greatful.



phnsr avatar phnsr
Nov 28, 2011

Why not use "Browse by Year" and then sort by average rating? The highly rated stuff usually is good, and you can easily cherry pick by favorite genre from there.

Marceus avatar Marceus
Nov 28, 2011

I just got back into watching anime this year myself. The new series that I've watched or am watching and enjoyed would be Steins;Gate, Nichijou, the new Hunter x Hunter, SKET Dance and Durarara!!

Still trying to catch up with older stuff so I haven't watched much...

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