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Yo! I'm Mart! Yoroshiku! ^^

I love watching anime and that's actually the main thing I do when at home. It's my favourite activity (if I can say so!)...

So, my continuation to the top 5:

6. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

7. Lovely Complex

8. Mobile Suit Gundam 00

9. hack//G.U. Trilogy

10. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

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HikaruTenshi Jun 2, 2010

and Signature. ^_^


MatriXX Jul 16, 2008

 Hehe, your avatar is really cute ^^ 

Wow, you have seen a lot of anime too!  

Savjar Jul 10, 2008

Thanks! Figured I'd try the site to keep track of all the animes I want to watch, as well as find new anime based on the ones I know I like (like Death Note XD).

Death Note is great, I'm actually re-watching it. I'm, how do you say, completely obsessed? I was the same way with Ouran. L basically made the series my favorite though; who doesn't love L, seriously? Great character. I also like Light/Ratio/Kira, and being an obsessive fanfiction reader, I love the Ratio/L pairing.

Always happy to meet a fellow Death Note fan :D

rika Jul 8, 2008

Kira>.> i must find piece of paper to write sth.. oh, just note, jute note

EarlySunset Jul 3, 2008

Indeed the guy who controls shadows is cool, but I like Natsume much more (I'm not sure if that was his name ;p) He's the one who's drewen the best xD

And no problem -hug-