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Hello! ToonMasta here. I'm a little on the crazy side, but I suppose everyone is, ne? I'm an art student and currently studying animation. I love working on my many stories, both writing and drawing.

When it comes to anime, I like most everything. A mish mash of the popular, the obscure, and the dark. I also really like a lot of... what a lot of people would dub "little kids" anime. I have a thing for collecting TV series I loved when I was younger. Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! for example. I'm currently relapsing into Yu-Gi-Oh! obsession. This happens often...

Anyway, I've been trying to broaden my horizons and watch a lot of anime, but when your internet is still pretty slow, it gets a little harder. I'm open to any anime suggestions people have, as well!

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KatDJZ Jul 28, 2009

Hmm, seems you haven't been around recently, but I love your avatar. Did you draw it?

BrainDamage Feb 1, 2008

haha np,and misa does sound imba ull see :)

BrainDamage Jan 30, 2008

Welcome to Anime-Planet,and yes its very addictive site :) gooo and finish the death note its rly nice #1! :) if u need a recomm im happy to give u 1 :),by ur watched anime seems like u like Yu-gi and Pokemons ,try Bleach n ELFEN LIED is a MUST: )

cashed Jan 29, 2008

Hiya! Welcome to the site!! I just joined a month and a half ago and find it almost as addicting as anime :)