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-is 26 year old,

-has finished film studies (though showed no particular interest in anime during its course)

-is an active member of a instrumental rock band. he has a small electronica side project too

-enjoys classic-style anime (studio ghibli), likes strong and distinctive haracters, stories about growing up, a little bit of a romance too

-is opened towards any movie/music/art recommendations (so don't hesetate)

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sothis Nov 4, 2007

BTW, a great first recommendation! As a note, it might be a little too long, which is a lot  better than too short, at least! :) I edited it a bit so it would be a little shorter, but for future recommendations, you might want to try to keep it to one small to medium-sized paragraph, instead of (what ended up being) 2 big ones.

Thanks again for making recs!! ^_^

sothis Nov 3, 2007

Why thank you! :D I'm glad you are liking it here. Please do let me know if there's anything I can do to help. By the way, you should put up an avatar! ^_^

By the way, have you seen/did you like Gedo Senki?

wolfangel87 Nov 3, 2007

Thanks for adding more information!

Wow, in a rock band that is really cool!!!!!  What kind of video production do you want to go into? 

wolfangel87 Oct 31, 2007

Welcome to Anime Planet!

 *Impatiently waiting to learn more about you!*

If you have any questions feel free to ask!!!