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The sky is blue.

10 MAR

Indeed, the sky is getting quite blue in Finland at the moment (ie. The spring is comming), so i thought why not celebrate it with some anime :D

My choise was Sora no Otoshimono. Has seen now 10 episodes, and quite fond of it actually, it has quite similar feeling like DearS.

*Small spoiler alert*

SnO has quite interesting story (and has one of the most perveted characters ever, IMO), and i'm quite interested of Synapse (which seems be like Tiphares from Battle angel Alita). I Even find the Angeloids as cute things and something (at least for me) new.

This anime is a definite must watch for those can handle ecchi (like flying panties, which is quite WTF), and who likes angels.

Otherwise, i think i could get something to drink, sit on the veranda and watch the rest of the serie, or listen the opening song to SnO, or the ending of FMA: Brotherhood (the first one). If i recall correctly, there they sing something about the sky.

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