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Hi im Tomte.

Im one of the oldies at the APN community, i don't know how long it have been since i first joined. After hanging around on the DC hub for a while I signed up on the forum, but im not verry active there. Now a days you mostly find me in the IRC channel enjoying the company of all the old and new APN 'ers. ;D

About me:Im a male, born in april of 1982. Have recently attended a few years of univerity studies but dropped out in the spring of -06. I some day hope to finish my studies or something simmilar and to be able to work with something i find interesting (computers, hardware, software and so on...).

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wolfangel87 May 7, 2008

ooo the forums, I really do have to get back on those!!!  hmmm IRC channel, I will have to try that out!

VivisQueen May 1, 2008

*sneaks into profile of supposed old-timer*

Nice to make your acquaintance. Always nice to check out people who have been here since forever. Hope to see you around in the forums some time! ^^

sothis Aug 19, 2007

All long time regulars need an updated profile! >:)