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I can only think of one word to describe Hayate no Gotoku and it describes the show quite well. The word is ‘wow’. Yes, wow or maybe awesome would fit. The amount of comedy, references and spoofs in it is simply amazing. Not only has it got an interesting story, great characters and character mix but the way they incorporate other anime is brilliant.

A little side note, you may want to wait and watch Hayate no Gotoku after you have covered a variety of anime. The thing that makes this show simply great is how it incorporate references from other anime and if you are unfamiliar with a lot of them it takes some of the magic away from the show.

The story is about a boy who has worked hard pretty much his whole life because his parents are basically deadbeats who are very selfish and can’t hold down a job. One day Hayate comes home from school and finds a note from his parents. The note informed him that his parents sold him to a gang for 150,000,000 yen and then disappeared. After avoiding the gang and meeting Nagi, Nagi decides to pay the gang for Hayate. In return Hayate must work for Nagi as her butler to repay the debt.

The story is not all that amazing when you look at it in a bubble but the adventures that they go on are very thrilling and keeps the audience guessing specially which amine will they spoof this time.

The characters are very interesting. They all have their own personalities (yes a shocker there I know) and they have their own quirks and habits. The range of characters is huge and the sub characters are well utilised and are quite developed, it just doesn’t feel like you can replace them with another pick up character. The sub characters actually play a very important part in the major characters development which is a nice change.

The animation is pretty standard and the pictures look good. The artwork is nice, clear and detailed. The music is pretty good I like the opening theme of the second half of the series.

Overall Hayate no Gotoku is an extremely funny, well thought out anime and there is defiantly a lot of laugh out loud moments. This anime is great for anyone to watch but as said previously you need to have so footing before watching this one.

10/10 story
8.5/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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