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Da Capo

Jul 23, 2011

Asakura Junnichi lives with his sister on an island where the cherry blossoms bloom all year around. Is there magic in the air or is this a natural phenomenon? Either way it brings a romantic setting to locals all year around. Asakura does not dream but has the unique ability to explore other people’s dreams instead. Each night Asakura seems to visit a dream of a girl that he knows. What does this mean for Asakura and what does he learn from his dreams?

Da Capo just appeared to be another harem anime on the surface but it turned into something beautiful. For the first 12 or so episodes it was very unimpressive. Da Capo just followed the usual formula, introduce each new character one by one until you had the whole cast and then the whole group would go a group event. Even though it’s a harem there is an over powering love triangle which is certainty a strong focus in this anime.

Magic seems to be important part of this anime however it not really. This anime is definitely a slice of life/romance anime. There are hints of comedy which adds a nice touch but the main focus is on the daily lives of each of the characters. The concept of Asakura exploring the dreams of the girls he knows was interesting because it allowed character development through a vehicle other than flash backs which was a nice change.

The characters were very well done. They had hints of the stereotypes which commonly plague harem anime but they were no means the stereotypes. I viewed each character as an individual not a representative type of character and the audience also gained a connection with the characters. The audience really felt for the characters and really understood them.

Da Capo took an interesting turn when the male lead made up his mind about which girl he wanted about two thirds the way through. I found this every interesting because it allowed them to show some aftermath of his decision. Instead of just finishing abruptly with everyone happy as Larry, it displayed a more realistic finish of jealousy, reason and explanation of why he chose the particular girl. This added great depth to this anime and I applaud Da Capo exploring this usually untapped area.

The animation was pretty standard in this anime but the music was really good. Not only were they good song but they matched the anime and situations extremely well. I loved to listen to these anime songs again because they were just really well done coupled with the video scenes in the back ground.

Overall Da Capo was genuinely well done. Even though it starts off a little slow it worth watching the whole thing because the slow start sets Da Capo up for a strong and interesting finish.


8.5/10 story
7/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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