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Kore wa zombie desu ka?

The first part of the review will be without spoilers. However, they will occur after the first section.

Having to write a review for this one was hard for a certain reason. Usually, while reviewing an anime, one would look at the different aspects of the anime and then give an overall score, which would be an average of said aspects. However, in this case, I’d like to do it a little differently. My reason for doing so is based on the fact, that giving a normal rating for this anime would make its rating unjustly low. So why is it unfair to rate it like any other anime?

“Kore wa zombie desu ka?” aka. “Are you a zombie?” is an anime with great animation, good sound effects and a bunch of lovely characters, which all have their role to play in the development of the plot. It just happens that the plot is unnecessary, clumsy and downright dull. While animation, sound and characters would score between 7 and 9, the story would score either 1 or 2. Using the power of calculator, I have come to the conclusion that “Kore wa zombie desu ka?” would score a 6 on a normal scale. Now to the point: This anime deserves more than 6 and it does so, because the essence of the anime lies within the humor. Watching a young lad being forced to wear a cute dress with bows and pink linings, wielding a chainsaw as his main weapon, all the while getting his ass kicked by girls, one can’t help but love this anime. And as a bonus, the guy’s a zombie, which means he can get his ass kicked an undefined amount of times without dying.

If you want to watch an anime for the luls, watch this one. It’s both gory, humorous, ecchi and easy-to-watch.


Now to the plot, which as I said, wasn’t that good if you look at it like any other anime. The main protagonist, Ayumu, get’s killed by a serial-killer, but is resurrected by a necromancer, mostly mention as Yuu. Now being a zombie, Ayumu lives to get revenge. The necromancer (female), a magical girl and a vampire-ninja (also female) starts living in his household, seemingly having the time of their life. All of a sudden, another zombie, also a resurrected by Yuu, shows up and wants to die, but Yuu refuses to fulfill his wish. Oh, and did I mention that dangerous stuff happens when Yuu shows emotion? Apparently, the other zombie knows this and uses it to his own advantage (how? I don’t know), and suddenly the main protagonist must protect his new friends from big stuffed animals, that for some reason chose to only attack them. This shit keeps happening for a while until the end, where the necromancer suddenly decides to deal with the guy, since he’s actually quite annoying and is posing a lethal threat to her friends. Last episode features one kick-ass large pool party, where our magical girl, vampire-ninja and necromancer out of nowhere decides to go famous through idolization and pop-music. The main protagonist wants to see them all in tiny bikinis, so that happens as well for some reason. The series ends there. What happened to the serial-killer? Fuck that. Here’s a shitload of panty-shots and some large oopais – enjoy!

There. That’s basically it. So as I said: Watch it for the humor. I’d gladly give the series an eight for that alone!

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
8/10 overall
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