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Dec 20, 2012

Secret Santa Review!

Before doing the actual review, I’d like to thank everyone who participated for doing so, and doing so in a manner that was fun for all of us :) I loved the idea, sothis, and thanks to this, it seems I’ve found a new genre to explore.


Since this is a Secret Santa Review I’ll assume you’re reading this because you’ve already seen the anime yourself and wish to read what I think (if not then… meh. Spoiler alert! Bla bla.). Also, I’m not very good at writing reviews, so instead of commenting on the small details, I’ll briefly comment on what I found to be most important about this anime.

In spite of being a guy, the anime’s ‘cute-feel’ completely had me - be it the different crushes, Clara’s short explanations or Tsukimi’s lack of knowledge handling certain situations. They never ended up being the main focus, but still had an important role to play concerning the feel. It was fun to watch.

The feeling I felt when the anime finished was not one-sided. I did feel a bit warm and fuzzy inside because all ends well (like with Usagi Drop), but at the same time, I’m the type of person who likes to be able to conclude on everything when it’s over. So, is Kuranosuke going to do something about his love towards Tsukimi? And will his cross-dressing be exposed to the other girls in the dorm – and how will they react? Maybe they are hoping to do a second season – I don’t know – I just can’t help but think about these kinds of things when watching anime like this.

In spite of having some elements (cross-dressing, crushes, etc.) that would normally allow for conclusive end, this anime had a very ‘slice of life’ feel to it. Yes, some things happen towards the end, but to me it’s merely an arch rather than a finish - except for the whole ‘you can keep living here’ surprise, but that only takes a minute of the last episode :3 Nevertheless, when looking at it as just that, I really freakin’ enjoyed it! I’ll probably look into the gender-bender genre a bit more and hope to find me some more plot-heavy ones.

That’s it! Not very thorough done, but hopefully the points I do make come through fairly clear.

Thank you, Secret Santa :)

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8/10 overall
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