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Your head not everyone smokes weed believe me with dread Sarah Palincricket even Osama have admitted to smoking yet so we end up with the drama like prohibition in the twenties small Italian greedy safer than booze this time glade and if you don't pay attention to me I tell you what I'll will start a revolution and then got your whole crew on this shoes grab good yeah to good she did a bad mad Adam Sandler one of my biggest role models if I'm going to do was somehow we don't do with the flyer much needs may miss just like Donna Cassata but instead Jewish well these Safer Colon last few Osama Willie Nelson stop those obvious one Martha Stewart ok let's many big Johnson camel Jon Stewart even combat Woody Harrelson smokes much that los dos queue not been included most oceans 11 if Angelina smoke be I think I would be in heaven Fillmore Jack packed enough think Charlie Sheen all or smoke so there's mediocrity pierce 10 we all know you smoke titled judge you for that get extra points Halle Berry Richard John carry out I’m not nearly done yeah I'm going to make some more do you see how the this is ridiculous the bats are inconspicuous my such as Medicare de los pores an awesome police we from its cut on McMichael glass apparent talent Justin Timberlake what they put that Tom that like to get real fake mm and Megan Fox me on it to you...

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