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Nate is the biggest fool in the whole world, hands down. 

Rating System (Stolen ideas from Shatnershaman):

5 Stars - Perfect

Only Give to the best shows I've seen and my favorites. Very exclusive.

4.5 Stars - Excellent

Given to shows that were extremely good, not perfect, but really dang close.

4 Stars - Very Good

Given when a show was really good and definitely worth the watch.

3.5 Stars - Good

Given to shows that were... well... good! It's easier to say that shows in this range were slightly above average.

3 Stars - Average

Shows rated 3 stars were nothing special and I probably wouldn't recommend them except to Fanboys of the series and people with special interest in the show or its genre.

2.5 Stars - Below Average

It wasn't a good show. Glad I watched it for the experience but that's about it.

2 Stars - Poor

This show sucked and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

1.5 Stars - Bad

The show was hard to watch and I had to power through to finish.

1 Star - Very Bad

Holy s!@# that was bad. Don't ever make me watch it again... ever.

0.5 Stars - Painful

I wouldn't even recommend this show to my worst enemies. This was so bad I don't even know how it got produced. My reaction to anything in this category:  x9001(credit Shatnershaman)

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kaosu Feb 22, 2012

You already shot down my favorite :c

BRS has its cool moments, that should build up to an epic battle finale. Ep 4 will air tomorrow.

PapaKiki has its heart-felt moments and is this season's loli fix. Reminiscent of Usagi Drop, but only as far as setup goes. Funny, cute, etc.

InuBoku is this season's most underrated; a mythical-styled romance. You have very unique characters that have the blood of their ancestors allowing them to take forms of demons/animals, and there is nice romance thrown in. With 6 eps, its definitely not action-oriented. Also funny and cute.

Jualseta doesnt like Symphogear.

HighSchoolDxD if you dont mind uncensored boobs in your face, and its seemingly not just a dumb pure-ecchi series. Surprisingly there is a plot, although its in a snag right now.

Rinne I am absolutely loving.  They say its a mecha, but thats <25% of it. So far, maybe 10-15%.  Alot of it has been Madoka and her budding relationships with Lan and the new Muginami girl. Once again, funny and cute. <3 Lan.

Thats all i can think of right now from what i think you like. :)

kaosu Feb 19, 2012

<-- saddest face in the world right now

jualseta Feb 19, 2012

What Kaosu said. 

And where have you been? xP I just marathoned the rest of Madoka ^^ 

kaosu Feb 19, 2012


you dropped anonatsu.

Minai99 Feb 16, 2012

what do you think?